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 Tobirashuu Senju ~Insanity Incarnate~ (NOT DONE)

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Minoru Uzumaki-Namikaze

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PostSubject: Tobirashuu Senju ~Insanity Incarnate~ (NOT DONE)   Sat Sep 05, 2009 1:55 pm

Senju, Tobirashuu

Name: Tobirashuu Senju

Nickname: Insanity Incarnate

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual (Straight)

Body Type: Lean and Athletic

General Appearance. Tobirashuu has long, silver hair going down to mid-back. His eyes are green and they glow with a never-ending madness and insanity. His skin is deathly pale, referred to as a walking corpse because of how pale he is. His shoulders are broad and incredibly strong. His arms are bulky and huge, same with his legs. However, his chest and abs are lean and athletic. Tobirashuu is usually seen with a psychotic grin on his face that made it obvious to everyone that he was insane. He tends to wear a black trench-coat with silver shoulders and wear black shinobi sandals.

Personality: Tobirashuu is psychotic, genocidal, childlike and an all around nutcase. He tends to do things that makes it obvious that he wasn't sane, like doing something random or incredibly stupid like putting a paper bag puppet on his hand and talking to it, referring to the bag as himself or rowing a boat on land. Strangely, he also refers to other living beings as ickle squishies or ickle squishy meats.

Other: There's nothing to add.

Age: 12

Village: Kasengakure

Rank: Genin

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 237 pounds

~Bio~ (Please make it original and exciting.)


Bloodline: None

Clan: Senju

Likes: Tobirashuu likes victims that don't scream, victims that don't beg, eviscerating people, skinning people and eating people.

Dislikes: Tobirashuu hates people that rape people or molest children, he hates anything fluffy or cute, he hates anyone that is nice or kind, he can't stand people who judge without trying to get to know the people they judge and he ABSOLUTELY hates people who abandon their beliefs and honor for power.

Habits: Tobirashuu tends to refer to people as squishies or squishy meats, he tends to doing completely random or stupid things and he also tends to refer to sex as 'making squelchy'.

Weaknesses: He is weak against lightning elemental techniques, he can't ever lay a finger on his mother or even think bad of, he can't stand anyone being crazier then him, he finds himself weak against wood elemental techniques and he can't fight or kill anyone he has attachments with.

Strengths: Tobirashuu is strong against fire elemental techniques, he is strong when it comes to cowards and fools, he finds strength to kill someone who abandons his moral beliefs just for the sake to gain more power, he gives himself strength by killing someone that means a lot to another people and finally, he is strong when he kills disgusting people like rapists or child molesters.

Fears: He fears not having anyone to kill, he fears not being able to kill someone and he fears of his mother thinking ill of him.
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Tobirashuu Senju ~Insanity Incarnate~ (NOT DONE)
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