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 Uchiha Nekura

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Nekura Uchiha

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PostSubject: Uchiha Nekura   Sun Sep 06, 2009 6:52 pm

Uchiha, Nekura.

Name: Uchiha Nekura

Nickname: The Dark One

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Body Type: Athletic

General Appearance. Nekura looks very much like his father Sasuke. He wears the attire that he had worn back in his Sound Village days. His hair is the same length though he gets his dark purple hair from his mother. His appearance is intimidating. Some people are afraid to approach his prescence without proper introduction. He uses this appearance to be left alone from potential robbers and attackers. He looks as if he is 15 even though he is 16. Nekura has a necklace that spells his mother's name on it.

Personality: Nekura was rather quiet. You would think that a pre-teen would be wild and ready to venture across new areas but this was not him. Nekura had quite a bit of control over the emotions and hormones that ravaged throughout his body. He has an intimidating appearance as stated. He rarely speaks. Nekura doesn't like disrespect. If he is disrespected, he will be sure to harshly return the favor. Nekura is not emo, he just loves to see others despair in agony. His likes are limited to not even his parents have knowledge of. He favors his mother over his father often. Nekura was a team player for the most part. Just as long as his teammates didn't get in his way.


Elements - Purple Fire

Age: 12

Village: Amekagure

Rank: D - Ranked

Height: 4'9

Weight: 102 Lbs

~Bio~ WIP


Purple Fireball Jutsu
Like the regular fireball but being the color purple it burns hotter. Nekura commonly uses this technique. Requires handseals

Violet Flame Palm
Using this technique, Nekura utilized purple fire to form a large hand that grabbed the target that was specified. Requires handseals

Purple Burst Combo
A simple combo hit which allows Nekura to engulf his hands and feet in purple fire without damage and to strike with 4 punches and 3 kicks. Target suffers less than 1st degree burns.

Violet Pitch
Using this jutsu, purple fireballs the size of soccor balls form in Nekura's hands. He can choose when to throw them at specific times. After the 4th, more requires more chakra.

Violet Sulfer
C-Ranked Finisher
This finisher focuses the purple fire to the throat and start spitting out roughly 25 purple fireballs surrounding the target. With the flick of a finger, they all enclose into the target with great force. Can cause up to 2nd degree burns. Requires handseals.

Bloodline: Sharingan- Tomoe 1

Clan: Uchiha


Likes to me appreciated



Habits: N/A


Cold atmosphere


High Intellect
Nice Strategist
Nice Evader


Fear of rejection

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Suffer Fuuma

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PostSubject: Re: Uchiha Nekura   Sat Oct 17, 2009 6:56 pm

(Putting this on first page o.o)

Can't stop us, won't stop us
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Ravefire Senju

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PostSubject: Re: Uchiha Nekura   Sat Oct 17, 2009 6:57 pm

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Kirai Uchiha

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PostSubject: Re: Uchiha Nekura   Sun Oct 18, 2009 3:00 am

Waaait, Ravey. May I have a word Dx . Suffer please don't start with the sharingan even if it is tomeo 1 o.o" Ask me or Sasuke or anyone else to help you unlock the sharingan but please no auto-start sharingan, I hate that x_x

Agitation...violation...mutilation...planet dies
Darkest color
Blistered earth
True death of life
Termination....expiration...cancellation...human race
Expectation...liberation...population...lay to waste
See our mother
Put to death
See our mother die

Smouldering decay
Take her breath away
Millions of our years
In minutes disappears
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PostSubject: Re: Uchiha Nekura   

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Uchiha Nekura
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