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 Senbonryucha Aka Senbon King

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PostSubject: Senbonryucha Aka Senbon King   Thu Sep 10, 2009 10:54 pm



Nickname:Senbon king



Body Type:AB

General Appearance.His eyes nose and ears are all large. His hair is a dark shade of blonde his style is just like kakashis. The spiral scar which is a whitish pinkish with bits of black and blue on his face appears to move in circles but it isnt .
The head band is worn traditonally which is just above his spiral scar do to his long head. he usually wears no shirt ,when he does where a shirt it is to protect him but still not effect his speed much his shoes have small spikes on the bottom and are thinner than the avrage shinobis shoes.

Personality:varys massively due to his 3 souls


Village:leaf village


Height:4feet 11inches

Weight:124 lbs

At age 2 he decided he was going to be a ninja to replace the one that died saving his mother, so he started training right then.It only took him 10 days to learn substitution justu without a sensei.He saved his money and kept training.In order to do it at the same time, he became a street performer using his jutsu at such a young age brought in huge bucks and he learned the clone jutsu and transform jutsu. When he finally had enough money he hired some Leaf ninja to teach him how to channel chakra he learned it so well that he channeled chakra into a senbon and it became part of him he is oddly only able to channel chakra easily to senbon and that one senbon was the only one that became part of him. by this time he was at the age of 5. when the ninja went back and reported that it had been a great success and much quicker than expected they sent some one to offer senbonryuchi a position in the academy. He accepted but he had to say goodbye to his family first.

When he got there to tell them the great news his little sister had been wounded horribly and his mom was having a panick attack and was to scared to do anything "mom run take sister I can take these guys"senbonryuchi shouted"youll be killed"his mom said that he was right but that even if he has become the senbon king he might get killed. then the senbon king decided he was fighting regardless he told them to leave now get to the leaf village tell them who i am and im sure theyll help you guys with your wounds.she ran looking back as the tears rushed down her face a kunai that was cursed was thrown at his mom was stopped by him with his senbon but it created his spiral scar on his face which immediately began his intense pain he felt a odd tingling on it and then he decided to focus some chakra there they were all dizzy all 3 enemies one who was wielding a sword fell and it killed the other two however he snapped out of it right then then the real battle began the one with the sword charged his veins showing much more than usual. Senbonryuchi used his senbon to block it and hold the sword there until he got far enough away then with a flick of the wrist the senbon moved into his chest his blood squirted out all over.Thats what you get senbonryuchi announced his enemy said you dont honestly believe this is the end do you we will keep targeting your family everyone anyone in your family loves or is were an army and we pick families to kill for fun but now you are targets and we will look for you and target you and your family you will die. His father had been killed in the attack his little sister died and the mother broke her leg on the way back she bled to death. Then under the name of senbonryuchi he swore to protect as many people as he good so others would not have to feel this pain he decided the best way to do this is to become a ninja so he could get stronger. and so he entered the ninja academy and quickly passed to genin at age 8 he trained and trained and now it is the present day

Jutsu:senbon mastery, spiral scars,clone jutsu, transformation jutsu,substitution jutsu

Likes:hotties,protecting people, bettering the world, ramen, hope, friends


Habits: spying on hot girls when they are undressed, training, getting dates, attempting to invent new justsu, trying to find a rival

Weaknesses:Beautiful girls, the more he uses his favorite senbon the stronger it gets and the weaker he gets if the senbon passes his power it could result in temorary paralasis, his spiral scars go deeper into him the more he activates them this causes enourmous pain,has 3 consousness's one evil one neutral and one good fortuanately for him the evil one rarely comes out, his senbon always has part of his wrist slightly wounded

Strengths:can control all senbon a certain amount his favorite senbon that is infused with him, he has alot control over the amount of sesitivity in the majority of senses,the spiral scars on his face can make the enemy dizzy or in extreme cases confused,is a pretty quick learner,can easily detect and neutralize genjustu, can tell what people that are close to him are thinking making for great team work

Fears:Santa Claus and other holiday fake people, becoming evil ,his favorite senbon that he partially made getting too powerful,
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Senbonryucha Aka Senbon King
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