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 Attending the Academy and Genin Promotion 75% Complete

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PostSubject: Attending the Academy and Genin Promotion 75% Complete   Thu Sep 17, 2009 2:09 pm

~About the Academy Rank and Lvling up from it...

You will be an academy student, until your recognized as being able to move on as a Genin.

The academy will be like a school area in each village with the basic rules of Sannin. This will explain some of the history of the RPG. We as staff don't expect you to come here an expert already, if your new then take your time, if your a skilled Rp-er then by all means prove it. The academy will cover how jutsu work ranging from attacking, supplementary, and defensive jutsu.

Then it will explain the difference between Ninjutsu, Taijutsu and Genjutsu. and how they should be used. Your unable to use an element of any kind at this rank (Sasuke,Haku Itachi, cannons etc were a special case in the show) Do not try and use them as an excuse to use an element at Academy rank.

The 5 Primary Based Elemental Chakra's are Fire,Wind,Lightning,Earth and Water. They all revolve in a circle so to speak as in the terms of what element over powers another element. Fire beats Wind so when Fire is used against Wind or Wind is used against Fire, Fire comes out on top and often grows stronger in power if wind is used on it. Water beats Fire head on, but it doesn't get a logical strength boost it just cancels Fire out by dousing it. Fire might turn Water into steam if its hot enough through the logical Law of the Water Cycle.

Lightning beats Water, but logically since Water conducts electricity the user manipulating the Water should get the power boost for their jutsu. If the Water user is only powered by water chakra, the lightning will neutralize them in place and weaken them. Lightning also beats Earth there's no power boost here just complete destruction through a weak Earth Style Defensive Move. Earth users when at a higher level may learn to ground lightning chakra before it strikes them directly. From these two prime examples of how even when an element is weak against another one head on. There is still way it can be used to stop it from being over powered by another.

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PostSubject: Re: Attending the Academy and Genin Promotion 75% Complete   Fri Sep 18, 2009 1:42 pm

Now continuing on with the lesson from above...Wind is Superior against Lightning -Why is something I haven't figured out myself yet (someone can feel free to explain why to me) Lightning comes from the sky is what someone would tell you if they've never done their research. Research is a very important part of Sannin.

You may be able to outsmart your opponent if you've done enough research on them or the element that they used compared to the one's you have. Lightning does come from the sky,but how is it formed? Through the infinite heating and cooling process of tiny little ice crystal in the clouds above. This means Lightning is born from Ice.

So if an all Ice user was to go against a lightning user a lightning user just may have advantage if they are to learn this fact somewhere. The Ice scattered across the arena or region may be used as a generator of additional lightning for the lightning users supply.Now Ice users have an advanatage in the fact that Ice is formed from Wind chakra, lightning's weakness, but its also made up of Water Lightning's advantage.

The Ice user will have to use some sort of icy cold wind to negate lightning chakra. If they are to attack with Ice Pillars that will just make it worst on their part since that kind of ice is built up of frozen water and lightning can generate from it with ease.
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PostSubject: Re: Attending the Academy and Genin Promotion 75% Complete   Fri Sep 18, 2009 2:18 pm

~Various Ninja Arts

What is the art of Ninjutsu? The art of ninjutsu is the act of possessing techniques utilizing chakra, to use and manipulate an element.Ninpo,Ninja Art ,or Technique that use whats known as chakra. It also make use of the 7 elements. This is normally impossible for someone to do if they contain no source of chakra or do not have enough chakra in their pools to perform a hand sign ninjutsu. You'll eventually seek out either power or peace.

These chosen paths are long, but well worth the effort. You'll become a Kage, Sage,Sannin or a S-rank criminal, rogue or just someone who despieses happiness and seeks to make everyone miserable endlessly. Your attacking range will be mostly all ranges, but that depends on the jutsu and amount of chakra it takes to make it go so far and keep its power in balance

What is the art of Taijutsu? (MMA) Mixed Martial Arts is what you must resort to when your low on chakra or born with a low insufficient chakra pool. You will use your stamina, strength and will power to pull off body straining jutsu to harm your opponent in hand to hand combat or foot to foot combat (Capeioera Style joke). You will start the road to becoming a Hermit if you cannot become a ninjutsu using ninja. This path is very rewarding and makes you a close-range user once mastered.

What is the art of Genjutsu? The art of Genjutsu is the use of Illusionist justu that takes control of chakra going to the the central nervous network system, the brain. This allows someone to control the 5 senses of your charcters body. Sense of smell, hearing, sight, taste,touch, and there may be a sixth a sense of fear...
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PostSubject: Re: Attending the Academy and Genin Promotion 75% Complete   Fri Sep 18, 2009 2:45 pm

What is art of Kenjutsu? The art of Kenjutsu is simply using a sword of some sort and making a special combination of attacks for it.

What Is Forbidden art of Kinjutsu? The forbidden jutsu known only as Kinjutsu always comes at a high price for its usage whether you pay the price or someone else does. This often almost always needs a sacrifice in order to pull this off. Sometimes that sacrifice has to be yourself....

What Is Sacred art of Senjutsu? Senjutsu is the art of Sage jutsu and harnessing the power to use natural non-chakra based elements for a period of time. This way even if your out of chakra you can use the enviormental natural chakra to attack. You must be at a very high level to pull this off.

What Is ??? Art? This is your own Ninja Art ( It has to be one of the following above or a pre-existing style of art like Jujuitsu which isn't listed here but somewhere else in this Ninja World. This could be your very own move you can develop at Chunnin and Jounin Rank.)

These are just a few to name and explain as there are more styles and varieties of the Shinobi / Shogun way.
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PostSubject: Re: Attending the Academy and Genin Promotion 75% Complete   Tue Sep 29, 2009 12:15 am

100% Complete Until Further Notice...Comments below
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PostSubject: Re: Attending the Academy and Genin Promotion 75% Complete   

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Attending the Academy and Genin Promotion 75% Complete
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