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 The Genin Rank and Graduation *Complete plz read

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PostSubject: The Genin Rank and Graduation *Complete plz read   Thu Sep 17, 2009 2:10 pm

The Genin Rank and Graduation Exams

As you reach the end of the Academy Rank, you'll be given the Genin Exam.

-Your given an I.D card (Idea is still being debated over if this is just for display or a major part of your rp-ing story-line from start to wherever you decide to finish)

-You'll also recieve a headband, an assigned Jonin chosen by your village's Kage or S.J council, Teams are either hand-picked or they meet up at a " Team Member Recruiting" post. (That way if a team cannot be decided on within a probation time limit of the time your given to pick two other genin to be on your team you'll be given assigned to a randomized team.

~ To Move on to becoming a Chunnin

-You must buy a house or have the Jonin buy an apartment for you. (It must be an apartment and not something oversized at this point in your story) -Also you cannot live outside the village's gates, until you are of age and rank.

-Take up atleast 5 D-Ranked Missions and a single C rank

-Purchase a scroll containing one of the main starting elements of Earth,Water,Fire, Wind, and Lightning

*A full scroll contains all the jutsu you'll ever need to know for that rank, and it may have higher level jutsu that'll be inaccessible to you until you achieve a certain goal or level.

-Obatin armor and choose your own style of how you want to wear the armor. No swords can be used at this rank just kunai and the typical shuriken.

-Defeat 6 Genin (A team member defeating an opposing team member counts towards this) Ex: A team of 3 Genin (the Jonin are not included) defeat another team of 3 Genin will mean hthat you've beaten 3 Geni in total congrats only 3 more to go.

If your teammate fails to beat one, it doesn't mean after your partner is hospitalized you won't have your chance to beat the one who put them there and earn the extra point for your team. Go and take vengence and score a point for your team. If your whole team loses to the second member of another team, you'll just have to try again.

No fighting your own alt or anyone elses Genin alt or main profile twice to score 2 points in a row (It doesn't work that way!). You must beat different opponents to reach a higher level. Your battles will be checked and over-viewed by a professional mod.
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PostSubject: Re: The Genin Rank and Graduation *Complete plz read   Thu Sep 17, 2009 5:21 pm

Visit your village's Survival Area and Survive!!! 3 Full days

*Don't just name the survival topic "The Survival Area"...Name it something hazardous like the Forest of Death was done. For a water based region try calling it something like "The Rapids of Uncertainty." "Tomb of the Forgotten" for a cave like place.

*Jonin must not assist with this you are here for 3 days, Death matches are also allowed if your team of ninja are attacked and the other ninja team wins you'll be either killed or rendered unconcious and you'll lose your scroll. You'll need two to complete the challenge, Heaven and Earth.

Reach the Preliminary fighting arena in the 3 day limit *Not a real-time 3 day thing, just post and show the time of the days changing from dawn, mid-afternoon, evening, mid-night, back to dawn of the 2nd day and post what your character is doing and follow along with what your team is posting.

Win a preliminary round (Mandatory) -If you fail the first join the next Preliminary Round Competitior in combat and try again, until you succeed and move onto be qualifed as a finialist to compete for the rank Chunnin at the Chunnin Exam series.

Last, but not least you'll be paid 500 ryo per mission and for each C-rank 1,000 ryo, you'll be limited to being a Genin on probation for a week as well. This is just so that no one achieves Chunnin in less than a week of being Academy/Genin.

*Suggestions will be taken in from other users, post them below this post if you wish to ask a question or make a suggestion.
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The Genin Rank and Graduation *Complete plz read
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