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 Chunnin to Chunnin Exams 75% complete

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PostSubject: Chunnin to Chunnin Exams 75% complete   Thu Sep 17, 2009 2:18 pm

Topic Summary*

Congrats if you've made it this far but you still have to go from Chunnin to Jonin Exams, with the chance of becoming a low leveled rogue at this point depending on your RP skills in general. You can finally travel outside of villages, raid and form platoon squads, all weapon types are now availible. Diplomacy is now an option, Platoons will be explained, Raids are simply pilgrimaging another village for their food, money, and information.

~The Road to becoming a Jonin won't be an easy one, as your now faced with the fact that you can be killed off any day for either any reason or none at all. You may still travel along with your Genin team if they are Chunnin too. However keep in mind a new group of 3 will be added onto your original team for whenever a platoon is needed to take care of a particular mission as in Capture ,Escort, Espionage, or Delivery.

~*Organizing The Platoons (Also Mentioned in the Co-Op play topic)

A platoon is like a 5-6 man squad basically two teams combined into one usually used to cover a large terrain. Its not a 6 jumping one person thing. Its used to search for something or transporting or retrieving some kind of object or person to and from their designation. A Wide Terrain is like a 3-part area like for example a Forest, Lake, and Jungle. All three of these could be in the same region. So when traveling you'll need to split up like 2 x 3 is equivalent to a total of 6 members. Two can stay behind and carefully search one part of the 3 part area as two proceed forward and remain stationed in the second area as the last team makes sure the last area is cleared so that all members can proceed forward to the next area and make it to their designated area.

~*Team Members In a Platoon Include

1.Team Leader
2. 2 Attackers
3. 2 Lookouts for behind and up ahead
4. A Medical Ninja

(They may communicate there real strategies through pm and the main pm of platoon must be sent to a mod to be checked)

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PostSubject: Re: Chunnin to Chunnin Exams 75% complete   Thu Sep 17, 2009 6:39 pm

*Traveling and Platoon Missions

Traveling: You must go to topics as if they are linked to each other. You'll be given a map on how to get back in forth to each of the 1st topics. Other maps may have to be purchased . The map is for traveling into newly unexplored areas since you've never left the village's gates unless accompanied by a Jonin on the C-rank task.

~Capture: You may be assigned by your Kage to go after a missing ninja, and bring them back into village custody. Especially one of your own defected ninja with a platoon sent after them for their arrest.

~Escort- You must guide a npc or rp client back from your village to their own without them succumbing to death or being robbed of their items. The length of this mission varies on the destination of the client from your starting village. A group of two sets of 3 formed into a single platoon isn't necessary unless there is more than one client.
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PostSubject: Re: Chunnin to Chunnin Exams 75% complete   Thu Sep 17, 2009 7:22 pm

Chunnin Team Missions and Objectives before becoming Jonin

Goto the Jutsu Scroll Shop and obtain 2 scrolls of new elements to add on to the one you should have from your Genin days. You should learn about mixing elements and combining them into intermediate levels. The starting element plus the 2nd element will make a new jutsu style or just strengthen the 1st element. Fire + Wind = Stronger Fire Attack, the wrong combinations make weaken the users ninjutsu attacks. Some elements conjoin to form a new element...Fire + Lightning = Light just ,because you have 2 scrolls and only 2 elements doesn't mean you can't find away to use a hidden third elemental set of attacks, defense.

-Scouting, Scout and scan your village's outside surrounding area for rogues and either
alert a stronger ninja or go after them yourself.

-Espionage requires a minimum of 1-3 ninja to spy on an enemy village by trespassing of some sort. A Kage will often be unsure of another village's methods and will need to know what exactly are they plotting. The ninja this task must be covert and use stealthy tactics to tricks enemy villagers that they are of the same village or allied to it.

-Defecting From A Village is the act of leaving your village for the time being or for good. Whatever the situaition may be post 1 page minimum of you either going to Kage office and annoucing that you quit the village, leave without the kage knowning and gather all of your important things disappearing from the town abandoning it. In order to join a new village Diplomacy must be performed. You'll live outside all villages as an outsider. You may be tracked down with a bounty for your return as a rogue by your previous village's platoon or just a free bonus for another village's platoon if your caught. However you cannot defect if your not classified as being skilled enough to become one.

-Diplomacy is the act of taking up volunteer work, like community service. You may have to be a night time guard at a post. A chef at a restaruant, a town park janitor, a bartender, hot tub towel- pool girl or boy. A club bouncer, a horse washer stable keep. A blacksmith assistant. You will earn respect in that village as a ninj and eventually earn the right to join another village if you've defected from your own already. Diplomacy in your own village may earn you a salary bonus.
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PostSubject: Re: Chunnin to Chunnin Exams 75% complete   Thu Sep 17, 2009 7:48 pm

~Village Raids

~Escort Kage Letter's -sent to village by messenger animals

*You'll write your Kage a letter on your travel progress, so your Kage doesn't think the team has died out.

-letter 2 paragraphs long
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PostSubject: Re: Chunnin to Chunnin Exams 75% complete   

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Chunnin to Chunnin Exams 75% complete
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