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 Become A True Rogue and Not A Just A Common Thief

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PostSubject: Become A True Rogue and Not A Just A Common Thief   Thu Sep 17, 2009 2:26 pm

To Become a True Rogue and Not A Just A Common Thief...

Things your able to do now as a Rogue.

  • Earn Reputation (Respect), or Diplomacy -There's a difference-
  • Pick-pocket (Ryo-System when its done so don't worry about it now, do it for fun)
  • Create HideOuts (Need Materials From Blacksmiths)
  • Steal 'Forbidden' *Kinjutsu Jutsu scrolls
  • Become anyone's, Hit-Man Aassassin (Get a Hit-List) Opposite of Bounty Hunting
  • Try Prison Break-Outs
  • Grave-Robbing
  • Steal items, pets (nothing 'Rare' just regular things from others) -Rob them of weaponry bought at Shop.
  • Burglary, Break-In's on Homes and Apartments.

1.) How Does this Rank work? Well its simple, once you've offically disowned your village. You technically aren't 100% banned from you home lands; you still have a chance at returning to the village of orgin later in your Rp character's life. This will only occur if you turn yourself into prison and do sometime. Doing diplomacy may also help. Death may occur if its your second, third time being brough in from fleeing the village. Platoons will be sent after you, other rogues may kill you off for being a waana be. If brought back ALIVE by a platoon, and your Kage does NOT choose imprisonment, you will be sentence to death as an example.

2.) Reputation and Diplomacy: Both of these revolve around the words 'RESPECT' and KARMA learn them well. What you do as a criminal reflects on your future. Meaning how easy or tough it'll be for you to turn back, and even think of flipping a new leaf. If you harm others, expect to harmed back sooner or later in the most, horrid way. if you do good, you might geta good civilain award or something, who knows. Reputation (Fame) Is earned by commiting crimes following a road in which death can occur at any time. You goto town to town and village, doing things to earn a name for yourself. At first you can only do certain things until your repsect, skill lvl his high enough for you to do professional things like bank robbery. (Not the site bank) but a village's bank this pays out well, but if it fails you'll have to pay.
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Become A True Rogue and Not A Just A Common Thief
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