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 The Bingo Book -Wanted Criminals listed here-

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PostSubject: The Bingo Book -Wanted Criminals listed here-   Thu Sep 17, 2009 2:55 pm

The Bingo Book -Wanted Criminals listed here-

Your name will be entitled in a Ninja Nation Wide book, called the bingo book if your a rogue of some sort of kind wheter you be a rogue ninja, samurai, or just a hermit whatever crime commit will be listed here along with your value for the price of you being brought to justice dead or alive.

A Sample Rap Sheet looks like this:

Wanted: (Sasuke Uchiha ), Orgin: (Leaf Village) Age: 16

Appearance: Either a black,red and white cloak, or just an open white shirt wrapped around the waist hanging off his back along with some loose black and white pants.

Last Seen: In River Country Team Affiliation: Supposively the Akatsuki, Team 7 of the Hidden Leaf and Hawk

Value Alive: (20 million ryo)
Value of brought back Dead (11 million) ...(Value alive is always more than broght back dead)

*Below this will cover the types and variations of crimes you may commit as a rogue and how they affect the Bingo Book
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PostSubject: Re: The Bingo Book -Wanted Criminals listed here-   Thu Sep 17, 2009 3:29 pm

Depending on your total overall accomplishments and failures you get a mini ranking title which should probably be stored in either your nindo or a page of its own in your Ninja File Section along with the records you've broken or the ones you seek to achieve as a reminder.

-Your Starting Title: A Homeless Thief

Example set of crimes:

-Number of times Market Place was Robbed (A post of a certain amount of post, pages and words must be seen as valid to count towards this or any of the following)

-Number of people pick-pocketed

-Number of people assassinated, routed, or defeated by you of another village

-Number of people assassinated, routed, or defeated by you of the same village

-Scrolls shops robbed:

-Graveyards and Morgues stolen from:

-Banks Robbed Successfully:

-Kinjutsu aqquired(Forbidden jutsu learned or gained) by theft and not a Sensei-

-Number of attempted and Successful Jail-Breaks Performed

- # of Crimes Lead

- # of Crimes you've assisted in (You leading the crime doesn't count here towards the tally, its to see where you currently stand out more as a leader or the follower)

- # of times you've fled from a ninja or squad ( As long as there is nothing stopping a ninja from leaving a battle they may go)

- # of ninja successfully kidnapped

- # of hideouts created (Materials needed)

- # of Organizations joined

- # of Kages taken out

- # of Sages Defeated

- # of Sannin Beaten
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Kuro Konpaku

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PostSubject: Re: The Bingo Book -Wanted Criminals listed here-   Thu Sep 24, 2009 5:12 am

I think i'll do one for myself to spur interest bro.

Wanted: (Kuro Konpaku), Orgin: (Akatsuki) Age: 24

Appearance: Kuro appears as most dark nin do, he wears all black shinobi gear, ranging from his shinobi pants to his black long sleeved undershirt and gray vest. Over it he wears a black cloak that conceals most of his body. He is mostly seen with his massive scythe, which is named after him, Kuro Konpaku. He wears black steel toed boots and a black metallic face mask that prevents others from seeing how emotionless he is though he sometimes forgoes wearing it just so his victims can see how hopeless it is to plea for their life.

Last Seen: In the mountains
Team Affiliation: Akatsuki

Value Alive: 55 billion ryo
Value of brought back Dead: 200 billion ryo - Its worth the money. Bring back the head and scythe as proof however.


  • Slaughtering a whole boat load of people - Unknown Casualties
  • Slaughtering 5 villages - Casualties in the millions
  • Destruction of rain - Casualties in the upper tens of thousands
  • Complete Annihilation of River and the slaughter of a group of survivors - Casualties in the upper hundred thousands
  • Source of 3 genocides
  • Removal of person's skulls with the intent of using them as a bowl
  • Removal of person's souls with the intent of using them as a bargaining chip
  • Removal of person's souls for entertainment
  • Completely splitting several persons in half
  • Impaling several persons in the eyes, nose, ears, throat, heart, liver, lung, pancreas, bladder, reproductive organ, or some other major organ/vein
  • Ripping persons in two with his bare hands
  • Eating several persons...alive
  • Eating several persons...semi-alive
  • Eating several persons...dead
  • Torture of small children
  • Torture of teenagers
  • Torture of adults
  • Torture of elderly persons
  • Inhumane persecution of persons
  • Cremation of persons without a funeral...alive
  • Cremation of persons without a funeral...dead
  • Removal of souls from persons...alive
  • Placing the kage of rain in a coma through the removal of her soul
  • Killing two sannin/sages
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Shouten Konpaku

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PostSubject: Re: The Bingo Book -Wanted Criminals listed here-   Thu Sep 24, 2009 3:23 pm

What a long list I bet that's only like 5%
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PostSubject: Re: The Bingo Book -Wanted Criminals listed here-   

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The Bingo Book -Wanted Criminals listed here-
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