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 About Samurai

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PostSubject: About Samurai   Sun Sep 20, 2009 11:49 pm

Samurai (侍) are the guardians of the Land of Iron. Little is known about them, although Ōnoki indicates that any shinobi would be foolish to challenge the military of the Land of Iron.

Appearance: All of the samurai shown thus far have been seen wearing heavy plate-armor akin to traditional samurai. They also wear helmets with face masks. Like real samurai, they are armed with katana. However, the number of blades worn by a single warrior is unusual, going as high as four. In battle, they have not been seen using more than two katana at a time.

It also would appear that the Head Samurai harns and a spiked collar on they're armor.

Abilities: Although little is known about the abilities of the samurai, even by shinobi, it has been revealed that they are capable of utilizing chakra, apparently by channeling it through their swords (similar to the technique used by Asuma). This allows them to extend the reach of their swords as well as attack at a distance by swinging them and releasing crescents of energy at their targets. The samurai have also shown form manipulation, as the chakra blades they form into many types, such as buzz-saws, broad swords, and axes. The only Abilities a Samurai can have is
Kenjutsu with Chakra
Tracking Technique's
And Healing Technique's (Potentially but extremely unlikely)

Beginning of the "Destroy" Technique

A large Group of Samurai with a Vareity of "Destroy"
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Fuko Mato

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PostSubject: Re: About Samurai   Wed Oct 07, 2009 4:46 pm

May I join
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About Samurai
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