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 The Sunstrider Kekkei Genkai

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PostSubject: The Sunstrider Kekkei Genkai   Wed Sep 23, 2009 10:11 pm

Name Of Bloodline: Fire Release - Sunstrider Phoenix Jutsu

Name of Clan: Sunstrider

Name Of Members:

Description: The Sunstrider Phoenix is a giant bird of flame, close to the strength of Amaterasu that when used, slows the time around the user, allowing him to pinpoint his enemy and command the giant phoenix to fly into them, creating a inferno of fire, destroying everything in a mile radius. But at the cost of this jutsu, the user will have thiry minutes to and hour to live without extreme medical help, so it is usually not used unless it is a life and death situation. If the jutsu is used, it will potentially destroy or seriously burn the internal organs of the user, usually having them bleed to death internally or die instantly because of the extreme heat of the phoenix.

Abilities: Sunstrider Phoenix
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The Sunstrider Kekkei Genkai
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