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 The Rainforest of Sasuke's Territory

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PostSubject: The Rainforest of Sasuke's Territory   Thu Sep 24, 2009 12:08 am

Several toucans fly overhead cawking as a crocodiles snap one of them in-two for simply landing inside its open jaws. Poison tree frogs hop about with mutli-colored skin tones. Jagauars Panthers, and Leopards run about in search of their prey. The trees smell of dew drops, moss and wet bark. The air taste of a crisp flavor while it appears rather misty, because of a light fog over the cold waters of a waterfall; river where all kinds of sea creatures lurk. Sasuke's second home a place he called Kusa, Nagi was the other area he dreamt of seeing which was far off beyond the eastern seas of that of Fire country. Kusa was to the west of the Forest of Death connected to it just miles downstream of the Final Valley.

Sasuke starts off standing on top of a large wooden branch connected to a trunk of tree; meters below is canopy. He surveys the area where the angelic stairway to what was called shinobi heaven and hell. These very steps are linked to Sasuke's past. When he was to become a Sage of the Heaven's by his instructor Kakashi Hatake. Those dreadful days a full week and three - six lethal trials. Sasuke wondered how did he ever make it to come as far as he's gotten. His thoughts was soon interupted by a green vine snake hanging over his right shoulder. It hisses to Sasuke causing him to look at it; then as some would expect the snake to bite Sasuke it spoke to him instead.

Vine S.:"Sasuke-sama aren't you gonna practice those hidden techniques you heard of called Shunpo?"

Sasuke: " I think this place looks suitable enough for me to do all kinds of things here. This place is perfect. My skills will beyond those of a normal shinobi by the time that I'm done training." *chuckles* As gorillas start to punch each other and wrestle onto the ground and a wild mountain lion kills off a baby chimpanzee in the background. This is Survival of the Fittest!!! Lady Rave should be here just about any moment now, observes a wild cat carefully as its chakra seems to erradicate lunging from tree to tree.
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The Rainforest of Sasuke's Territory
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