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PostSubject: Suien   Sat Sep 26, 2009 3:48 pm



Nickname: Treasurer of Takigakure



Body Type:Slim

General Appearance. Avatar

Personality:Kakuzu was a greedy, miserly individual, arranging goals in terms of the highest profit he could gain from them, and was often unwilling to involve himself in something unless there was something to gain. He even remarked that money is the only dependable thing in the world. Due to this end, he referred to himself as the "Treasurer of Takigakure".

Other: Weapon This blade was made of pure fire. When in touched it will burn the opponent. Not only that it can shoot out fire, however this fire is very little not enough to do massive damage.

Age:12 (looks 21)





~Bio~ Suien was the teacher of Shibuki. He went rogue as a missing-nin and assembled followers like Hisame, Kirisame, Murasame, and a substantial number of grunts in his plan to obtain the chakra-enhancing Hero Water, even if it meant taking hostages in Taki. He threatened to kill the captive villagers one by one if Shibuki didn't show himself with the Hero Water. When Shibuki drank the water and hid its bottle in his shirt, he engaged Suien in battle until Suien impaled Shibuki with a water sword technique and discovered the water falling out of his shirt. After Suien drank it, Naruto engaged him in battle long enough for Shibuki to free Sasuke.

Naruto and Sasuke then fought him, but Suien was winning until Naruto unleashed the chakra of the Nine-Tailed Fox. After Naruto drew on the fox's chakra, Suien was no match for him, and thus he tried drinking the last of the water. Before he could do so, Sasuke knocked the bottle of the water out of his hand, breaking it. Naruto then used multiple shadow clones to send Suien flying, causing him to fall down the waterfall to his death. Suien is shown to create a chakra shield being able to deflect kunai off of himself while fighting Naruto and Sasuke.

Years later rumors had said that Suien was revived but lost all his powers. Suien believed he was revived to do good in the village and be given a second chance.

Jutsu:Kokuun No Jutsu • Black Clouds Technique
User:Suien Kagari
Description:Suiton • Kokuun no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique used by the Rain ninja Kagari which utilizes the Water Element. After forming the necessary hand seals, a black mist will emit from his body and rise into the sky. Black clouds will form, releasing a flammable rain of oil onto his targets.

Mizuame Nabara • Starch Syrup Capture Field
User:Suien Kamizuki Izumo
Description:Suiton • Mizuame Nabara is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Water Element. After forming the needed handseals, Izumo will expel a sticky liquid from his gullet. This liquid can cover approximately 20 square meters. If the target runs on top of the liquid, their feet will become glued to its sticky surface. If the ninja focuses chakra to their feet before touching the surface, they can hover above and move over it without hindrance. This allows Izumo or a comrade to charge and attack without fear of becoming bogged down as well.

Hana Taki Ninpō: Ryuu •Rising Water Fall Ninja Art: Dragon
Description:Using the power of Divine Water Ninja arts in his special style, Suien is able to create a Ninjutsu of water and release it to the heavens, Causing a massive waterfall to come crashing to the earth. As the water forms a wave, It twirls together into a small dragon which rushes at the opponent.

Hana Taki Ninpō • Rising Water Fall Ninja Art: Phantasm
Description:Using the power of Divine Ninja arts, In his special style, Suien in able to release a surge of water into the sky which begins to twirl like a whirlpool. Suddenly blast of water shoot down into powerful waterfalls which release multiple shuriken and kunai of water.


Likes: Water,

Dislikes: Extreme heights,

Habits: Swimming

Weaknesses: focusing on one piece of information too much


Fears: Extreme Heights, flying, Failure

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Approved as my ninja
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PostSubject: Re: Suien   Sat Sep 26, 2009 6:04 pm

Approved...Now just List 3 fears, and search for a theme song to add to your page
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