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 The Unknown in the Dark...

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PostSubject: The Unknown in the Dark...   Sun Sep 27, 2009 1:17 am

Name: Unknown
Gender: Male
Appearance: (Avatar)
Kekkei Genkai/Jutsu: Telekinesis, Biokinesis, Toxic Flame
Sexuality: Straight
Likes: Cake? and books.
Dislikes: Cocky people
Strengths: Incredible reaction, and speed is astoundingly fast.
Weakness: None that I know of.

Biography: (Pretty long and it's real from other forums.)
Through the year within the Depths and into Vescrutia....

The Arrival of the Shadow of Despair:

Upon Unknown's arrival to the "Village within the Depths", he wasted no time letting his power to be known among the people whom reside in the village.
Unknown's ranking rank gave him a chance to actually be someone for the first time in 4 years after his escape from "Village Hidden with Fear" his origins, where he was absolute ruler. His Procter being Rion -The Rhymist of the Depths, and also holding the rank of Kage along with Kameel Zaal- Thinking to be an ordinary ranking exam, he was wrong and it gave him interest within me. Yet not showing this, we continued with my ranking. Rion kept giving Unknown options to let the ranking exam to be finished, yet I denied wanting to go to the end, of Rion's 10th form. He would never expect what the 10th really was.

Unknown:*Unknown would begin running fast, then into a spiraling cyclone, spinning on an x-axis, as the razor chains spin rapidly. They would slash the ground picking fragments on the ground into the fast moving cyclone.*
damn i hate this form

Rion:*The song becomes louder and the dead bodies reanimate and more form from the blood being dripped by Rhythm Cloak. I spin and Rhythm Cloak whips around sending a vast amount of blood into your cyclone, as the blood spins around it begins merging with the chains and slowly weighs them down increasing the destructive power of the cyclone*
"Alright then..."
*Now there are numerous dead bodies, and as i play my song they become animated and all jump into the cyclone quickly being torn to shreds and sending blood everywhere, even onto you*
"Now for the slow part of the song..."
*I play 3 separate chords and the blood crystallizes instantly stabbing into anything that it landed on*

Unknown: *The winding cyclone slowly abrupt to an end, as I land taking an extra step standing, arms dangling as lifeless. As I lift my head, only minor cuts are made from the blood. I point to a wire, to the being the color yellow.*
"This wire...disintegrates anything within a millisecond...So when the blood began stabbing lucky one had already made it's point within the wire releasing the gas destroying the other blood that was harden making me alive..."
*As Saying this I thrust the two razor chains around you as they wrap. I blink my eye's showing no white or black iris only blue. I wrap my hand around the chain ready to tug. As I do the chains go right through you, yet no marks.*
"Your wondering why...cause I can make anything translucent...This match is over I can go no longer, you put up one of the best fights I of my rank..."

Rion: Your power is about what i expected when i say're resourceful and pay attention to your surroundings..
*I finish the song and the bodies that formed from even more blood disintegrate into the ground, Rhythm disappears along with the Pick and Rhythm Cloak stops dripping blood*
I say Anbu
*I turn and Dias shows up and stares at Unknown..she then turns and walks off with me*
Get stronger!
*My voice lowers*
Cause we'll soon need it...
*Dias opens a portal to the Vanguard base and we leave*

Unknown materialized into the ground to return to his abode too soon be abandoned for he would later have a house within his Forest.

The Girl With Those Titanium Vines, And That Incredible Heat:

Walking across almost frozen lake, a woman approached Unknown. Her name Rose -Whom later would become Kage after Kameel's death which was by her own accord. She also an Anbu during this time like Unknown.- Both eager to test each other's power against each other.
Are battle seemed to go nowhere from are attacks being exchanged and deflected. This all changed when a boy around 15 named Zepp -A jounin at the time, soon to abandon the village to join a organization for the lust of power.- arrived, this gave Rose an eyebrow to be risen like Unknown, from his spunky and determination. Yet despite are puzzlement, this changed as he made a purple substance to appear and it would decay Rose's vines. She was lost on how it was possible. It's unknown who won this battle still. All that's known was after the battle Zepp became Unknown's apprentice in a way.

Unknown Becomes the First Sannin of the Depths:

As Unknown became the village's first Sannin of the Depths, he didn't expect this rank up, thinking Rose was a more proper fit. However from this new rank came a new title: "Shadow of Despair"
Getting settled with this major rank that was given to him, the Kage's gifted him a forest in the Depths near the villages limits. He stayed in this hellish place, rarely seen from anyone.
Until He was called to a open field, Rion and Rose awaiting for me. Wanting to test my abilities once again and to see if Rion can trust that this rank was given at the right time and person.
The battle raged on making Rion summon his minions into the battle, and Rose putting a hefty fight on her side also. This making Unknown to fight in a more difficult battle. Again this battle is unknown to whom won, Since only Unknown, Rose, and Rion where at this location. Possibly Kameel Zaal since his mind control over Rose.
During Unknown's reign of being Sannin, he trained vigorously and battled many people to test and categorize them into groups. He never lost a battle since they ended in ties rarely this happened.

Damian in the Maze:

As a boy named Damian appeared among the shinobi of the Depths, he had little understanding of his Kekkei Genkai, yet no one knew about this.
As he appeared at an event Unknown was holding, which he put shinobi in a hellish maze and try to escape from what lingers within. Surprisingly he wanted to join, he would be accompanied by Unknown student Zepp.
Going through this insane maze they almost lost this sanity completely, and almost finished the event, yet both lost in the bug cave which was technically the end yet they didn't beat the bugs which voided their almost win, yet Unknown showed up and rescued them. Yet despite this sadness Unknown gifted both weapons, since Zepp cracked from the traumatizing scene in the cave he didn't get his yet, at this moment it's still in the throne room on the floor, collecting dust.
Damian requesting to stay in Unknown's manor he accepted and made Damian his first Apprentice and his new student pupil which de-ranked Zepp from Unknown's eyes.
Zepp angered by this, he tried to accommodate with the event change and trained Damian with fire element, Damian mastering the element pretty well. This was the last time Unknown ever spoken or seen Zepp until he heard his name on the village wanted list.

Unknown the One Eye'd Creature:

Unknown walked through the same plains where Rose and Rion tested him for Sannin rank to be approved fully. Yet when he walked, that same girl approached him, Rose, yet holding a new weapon within her hand, a coffin which rattled and made strange noises. This heart pounding battle was very intense and seemed Unknown lost his battling touch from him being isolated in his abode while Rose and others grew in power. ((Sorry Rose, everyone needs to know how ruthless you are xD))

Rose: (Paybck for the water incident =p)
" This is it. I thank you Unknown, I was able to gain a better understanding of my new weapon, Reikyuu. Don't take this personally..." Once the vine beast crashes into Unknown after the white flames broke his barrier, numerous rose buds could be seen sprouting on the surface of the beast. This was a clear sign that explosion were on the way, for these surface explosions caused the entire beast to explode, lighting up the entire black sea in a frenzy of explosions. This turned the sea into an extremely violent ocean, waves strong enough to break bone. In the mist of all these explosions and massive waves, a javelin of dark flames form into Rose's black hand, and with it, she lunged it at Unknown's direction, knowing he would have one hell of a time dodging it considering all of these effects right now. The javelin aimed right for his face.*

Unknown: (Karma's a bitch xD)
*Before my eye's I knew very well was was going to happen, from so much force, I couldn't move my body even the slightest movement couldn't be made. I feel my chest caging in from too much pressure, my left eye squinting from the great amount of pain and pressure put on me. I knew I haven't any chakra to spare, only a few jutsu's I could conjure but they would win me this fight for reasons are present to realize this. I tried with my last bit of chakra to look up at what was going on after the beast plunged into my body, I looked and noticed rose buds forming rather quickly, recalling from my first battle with Rose. I knew a grand explosion was about to happen. They managed to deal about of great damage that is unbearable and catastrophic enough to barely live, yet I managed, as Rose formed a javelin, I cracked my neck both ways right and left, I stared at her, with my heavily damaged body, and burns.*
*The javelin was tossed, both eye's open, they turn cold as of life was sucked from them, inches before the javelin took it's mark it was positioned to my brain, quickly, I turn left having it not pierce my brain, yet the javelin pierced my right eye, I screamed in agony.*

Rose: *Watching Unknown scream in pain and despair, Rose gives a slight blush, then chuckles a bit. "At least you have a beautiful scream, or else I'd finish this fight." In a whirlpool like fashion, the black sea spirals right back inside of Reikyuu. With the ocean gone, and a bloody Unknown on the ground in tremendous pain, Rose turns around and leaves the area.*

With this Unknown's first official loss, he suffered a great and terrible loss, his right eye which controlled and housed his second Kekkei Genkai, materialization. With this gone all hope seemed lost for Unknown and his lost Kekkei Genkai forever.

[u] Visiting "Village Hidden in Fear" Unknown's past is revealed:[u]
Mission to The Village Hidden Within Fear

Depths into the Abyss:
After being in the Vesrutian territory for several months, a battle of rage drew between two kage's of the entire territory, resulting in a black hole which would make the entire Depths village rip from the territory all around the world. I went to a new place. a new Beginning, I knew my other half was somewhere else in the mysterious world.
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Number of posts : 2
Registration date : 2009-09-27

PostSubject: Re: The Unknown in the Dark...   Sun Sep 27, 2009 2:42 am

Telekinesis- Is manipulation of using the mind to control, move objects and as such things. Yet this can be broken into several sections since this telekinesis can branch out. Firstly is biokinesis, then materialization, then illusion/afterimage. Details of materialization and illusion/afterimage will be on as soon as possible. The limitations of this section is focus, as long as I have focus, then this would take place, it puts strain on the mind, and becomes less stronger with each try.

Biokinesis- Is manipulation of the body using the mind. The practice specified involves the manipulation of ones eye color. It's also the use of kinetic energy to rearrange, or control genes inside of the body (distortion, which is the rearranging and reshaping objects.)

Materialization- The ability to fuse the body using the state of mind into a translucent and ghostly body able for objects to flow through without damaging to the user. n puts a lot strain on my body and mind which kinda drains chakra

Toxic Flame- This flame like APPEARANCE is more of an electrical lighting bolt with flame within a emerald hue color (this is what it looks like, it's not a flame or an electrical move, it's power is F.E.A.R. It's able to destroy things and objects with one touch. If an opponent is in contact with this flame they are utterly treated as DEAD. Now, with this power made from F.E.A.R it's basically channeling the opponents or surrounding people such as myself to manipulate the emotion of fear into pure green energy. This energy can kill people if touched states above. If I need to further explain this on why it's not an element then well! I WILL

Poison Manipulation(Obtained from accident)- Can form into a gas and into a liquid state. It can transform into either state as long as enough of the molecules are present. The poison is so strong and durable that it can decay and deform objects and even people. The stronger the material or object the slower the decay. It acts as a acid which burns things also, even in a gas form it can decay inside organs and tissue.

Illusion/AfterImage- Explained fully in this simple picture..
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The Unknown in the Dark...
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