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 The Drawbridge and Entrance to Hel-err Jail (1)

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PostSubject: The Drawbridge and Entrance to Hel-err Jail (1)   Sun Sep 27, 2009 4:53 am

*Guards of The prison will take you in and sign a prison form while picking out a new room for you. They'll treat you like scum, and spit inside your food and you'll rarely have a visitor(s) whom will be searched at the door before seeing you. A chakra sealing tag is placed onto after your captured and brough here. Ocasionally there will be a role call where you must show up, if not ninja hounds will hunt you down as they'll have your scent. There IS no escape is what you here from most of the shinobi put there. Some are skinny and look malnutrioused as others lie dead. A coroner is called to take the body away, to examine the jutsu the shinobi knew and dispose of there body, or store it somewhere foor organ donors..

*Follow the #'s here for traveling around this area. As this is (1.) That means you start here and go onto two, or the floor and corridor your corresponding to.
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The Drawbridge and Entrance to Hel-err Jail (1)
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