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 *Miles away from the spar

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Melina Senju

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PostSubject: *Miles away from the spar   Mon Sep 28, 2009 1:25 pm

Deep in the frosty forest miles away from the spar melina family is in sits dear melina on a tree why was she here when she was suppose to be watching the battle was it out of anger or jealous? She then spoke in a dark tone"im strong enough to fight why wont dady let me i understand im young i just want to show him and mama i can be strong and dont need to have to be a uchiha"she then punch the tree she was in as she jumped off it feel and then she came to a small ice cold lake to think as she hears lighting"must be dady chidori of some sort"she then begin punching the ground repeatedly until a crater formed"i hate bein genin you cnt do anything""she then closed her eyes as she fell asleep dreamin when she can fight beside her family then her parents will see her shine
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*Miles away from the spar
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