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 The Ramen Stand Of Black Star

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Ravefire Senju

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PostSubject: The Ramen Stand Of Black Star   Sun Oct 04, 2009 9:37 am

This is where the ninja of Black Star will come and have a pit stop during a rough day in Black Star.
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Waka Hyuuga
Anbu Black OPs
Anbu Black OPs

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PostSubject: Re: The Ramen Stand Of Black Star   Mon Dec 14, 2009 11:20 am

*He would walk in the roads of blackstar, Senbonzakura constantly nagging him*

"So you didn't kill the guards? And now your inside a village you DON'T know, and that possibly will kill you ON SIGHT? And you expect to survive? What kind of person are you? For a ninja, you aren't the sharpest tool in the shed, are you?"

*Waka would sigh and pick the katana up, then bashing it on the floor, kneeling down in front of the ramen stand, without even knowing it.*

"Shuuuut uuuuup. I know I did wrong, and I know I should have killed them. Do me a favor, stop pointing out the obvious and help me find out somewhere to eat, I'm starving!"

"... Is a ramen stand good enough for you?"

"Well, duh. Why, is there one around us?"

"And you say those eyes can see almost everything around you... It's right in front of you."

*Waka would have blinked, then lifted his head to the ramen stand in front of him. Every customer of the shop was looking down at him, sweatdropping, considering he was talking to a sword, and then turned around, continuing to eat, ignoring the crazy guy*

"... Well they only work when activated, and clearly, they aren't!"

*Waka then walked towards the stand, and was about to order a ramen of his own, when the two guards from before, along with two more that seemed more experient, interrupted him*

Guard 1 (Joe): "Told you those ashes in the wind weren't natural. Smelling burnt stuff ISN'T natural at all. What kind of stuff have you been taking to think it is, Dave?!"

Guard 2 (Dave): "Alright, alright, so there's a ninja in the village, and we gotta kill it before he goes crazy and destroys something, or the kage'll have our head. It's not that bad, it seems to be a kid!"

*the third guard, behind joe, seems to tap dave's shoulder*

Guard 3: "Actually lad, you ought to think for a couple more o' secs. Were here to capture and take him to the kage. You two are already labbeled KIA as "Supposedly" dying over 400 times and being put to sleep too."

Guard 4: "Yeah, your like... Over killed! Actually, scratch that. Why the heck are you even here? Like... Hello? Haven't you seen us right behind you all this time? We're the new guys that supposedly are guarding the gates. Sometimes we take coffee breaks because like... Your still there! Doing like... Something! Like... Dying or sleeping, or something.

*the two guards sweatdrop, and once again, waka decides to sneak away as the four guards are talking between each other, but the third guard grabs Waka by the wrist*

Guard 3: "Yeaaah, we'll have none of that... Right Jess?"

*the fourth guard giggled and nodded, grabbing Waka by his other wrist*

Guard 4 (Jess): "Yuuuuup, that's right, Julius. We won't let you escape!"

*Waka would sweatdrop, and sighed, then focused, activating his byakugan. Senbonzakura seemed to snicker, and Waka started rotating, pushing both away from him with his chakra shield. As he was rotating, he focused chakra on his feet, for shinosku, and slided away from them, then backflipping above them and standing in the roof of the ramen stand. They, although, made no movement to catch him, and waka tilted his head*

Waka: ... Weren't you supposed to catch me?

*The third guard then gets up slowly, sitting only on the ground.*

Guard 3 (Julius): "Yeaaaah... Remember we're only taking you to the kage office? We weren't expecting resistance. But if you don't want to come, you don't.

*Waka would sweatdrop again and tilt his head downwards*

Waka: Then WHY THE HELL have you grabbed my wrist?

Guard 4 (Jess): Like... We wanted you to hear us, instead of sneaking off?

Waka: ... Point... Ok, I'm going with you...

*Waka then jumped down, nearby the fourth and third guard, and helped them up, after canceling the skills, he then acompanies them to the Kage's Office. The other two guards just stayed by and ate ramen.*
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The Ramen Stand Of Black Star
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