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 Detention Level 1 ~Blood Soaked Hell~

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Junichiro Sōsuke

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PostSubject: Detention Level 1 ~Blood Soaked Hell~   Sun Oct 04, 2009 11:50 am

The first level of the terrifying prison located in the Black Star Village, this detention place is the most fearsome of all and many people who thought of commiting crimes have been quickly brainwashed not to do so by their own mind because of the fear of the great Black Star Detention Unit.

Here prisoners are trapped unable to use chakra like the rest of the levels of the detention unit using black star metal chains enchanted with chakra-supressing seals and chakra-supressing mechanism brought from the Snow Village from the far North.

Blood Soaked Hell is the first level of the Black Star Detention Unit. in which prisoners are kept. While the level relatively is used for less wanted criminals, it contains a large forest of red trees. The leaves of the trees, known as Kenju (剣樹, bladed tree?), are as sharp as blades while the grass on the floor, the Haribarisō (針々草, needle grass?), is as spiky as needles. Here prisoners are forced to run through the forest while being chased by poisonous spiders and guards to experience all the pain from being cut from all directions. As consequence of prisoners being forced through this forest, it is soaked in blood. Deep within the forest is a hole that leads to Level 2. For those who do not wish to live through the pain of being cut any longer, they were given the option of jumping down the hole to Level 2, which contains an even more terrifying hell that nobody is willing to risk.

Motto: Be sliced to nothing...
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PostSubject: Re: Detention Level 1 ~Blood Soaked Hell~   Tue Oct 06, 2009 4:33 am

Guards:Get In there!!! *A gate with chakra suppresscents slams shut with Sasuke lying on cold and unusally sharp grass.* Wha-where am I? My head...* Sasuke awakens to see spiders feasting on an infested skeleton; which are on the ground in search of something to victimise.* Sasuke examine's his surroundings carefully noticing he's in a forest with punctured blood stained clothing. The ground is sharp as the forest is red. The air smells of death. The grass tasted of fresh blood Sasuke licking his lips, discovered it was HIS. The sound of this place was noise-less as if sound-proof. Sasuke knew his body wouldn't last here if he stayed running on the grass all day. Sasuke stares at the shuriken with flesh attached in his skin grabbing some ribs from nearby corpses. He sharpens the bones like kunai and heads for a tree. Recognizing the fact the spiders had begun to follow him. Sasuke takes the pointy ribs and puts two into the center of the trunk of a nearby tree.*The spiders force Sasuke to leave*
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PostSubject: Re: Detention Level 1 ~Blood Soaked Hell~   Tue Oct 06, 2009 4:59 am

Sasuke breaks off feeling the agony of the first 5 seconds spent heading towards the tree trunk. The long ribs resemble handles for Sasuke to grab onto. Sasuke jumps across the field reaching out to them. Sasuke takes 2 more of the 6 pairs of ribs and aims for another nearby tree trunk. He takes the two he's gripping now climb towards a branch with razor like leaves. Sasuke shakes the branch as the leaves fall down to slice up the pursuing spiders.Sasuke pockets the one of the ribs and holds onto the branch clear of leaves. Swinging around to build up momentum and flying off with a bone in his mouth to slash a spider web, spider. Sasuke makes it onto the second set of bones. He saves the webs for later. As he goes to climb up this tree going up higher, dismembering all pest following him by using the leaves as shuriken. Once at the top,Sasuke crouches down to hit a far away trunk after tying extra thick webbing to the ribs he threw.The one in his teeth was sat above the web lines as Sasuke creates a zip-line.
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PostSubject: Re: Detention Level 1 ~Blood Soaked Hell~   Tue Oct 06, 2009 5:07 am

Sasuke could see a hole in the grass covered with "real" leaves. While sliding down the lines Sasuke yanks the other 2 bones out of the bark.This snaps the lines and gives Sasuke two of the ribs back.Sasuke has kept all 6 ribs as he now falls down onto another level none had dared to go, except Sasuke. ( Detention Lvl 2)
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PostSubject: Re: Detention Level 1 ~Blood Soaked Hell~   

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Detention Level 1 ~Blood Soaked Hell~
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