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 Detention Level 2 ~Fierce Monster Hell~

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Junichiro Sōsuke

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PostSubject: Detention Level 2 ~Fierce Monster Hell~   Sun Oct 04, 2009 11:56 am

The second level of the terrifying prison located in the Black Star Village, this detention place is the most fearsome of all and many people who thought of commiting crimes have been quickly brainwashed not to do so by their own mind because of the fear of the great Black Star Detention Unit.

Here prisoners are trapped unable to use chakra like the rest of the levels of the detention unit using black star metal chains enchanted with chakra-supressing seals and chakra-supressing mechanism brought from the Snow Village from the far North.

Fierce Monster Hell is the second level of the Black Star Detention Unit in which prisoners are kept. It contains various wild beasts of sorts. The beasts kept here include Puzzle Scorpions and Manticores. Puzzle Scorpions are large poisonous insects that can join together to become giant centipedes. Manticores are man-eating human faced lions that will devour everything from their prey including the bones. Their human faces allow them to speak however they can only imitate what they hear like parrots as they don't understand what they're actually speaking. The words they speak are mostly things they heard from the prisoners so some of the things that they say are completely out of place. Among these regular-sized beasts kept here are also two gigantic beasts, the Basilisk and the Sphinx.

The Basilisk is a gigantic snake born from a chicken. It is a feathered mutant that possesses both snake and chicken traits. Though formidable, the Basilisk is not the most powerful beast in the level. It is considered to be the "second-in-command".

The Sphinx is a gigantic human faced feathered lion. Significantly larger than the Basilisk and much more fearsome than the other beasts, it is considered the "boss" of the level and is charged with guarded the stairway that leads out of the level. It is so fearsome that the prisoners kept in the level, and even the other beasts hide from it. Like the Manticores, it is capable of imitated speech. It randomly says the names of types of noodles and apparently understands the concept of giving thanks before meals. It is such a strong beast that it is capable of breaking the floor beneath it if it hits it enough times.

With these various beasts, prisoners kept here are forced to be chased by them through the corridors of the level. Because of the fearsome danger, prisoners often either lose the will to go on, or refuse to escape even when their cells are unlocked

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PostSubject: Re: Detention Level 2 ~Fierce Monster Hell~   Tue Oct 06, 2009 5:41 am

Sasuke lands into a labyrinth onto a beast's neck thrusting two ribs into its neck sitting on its back. Sasuke thinks he killed the 1st puzzle scorpion,until it transforms into a Giant centipede. Its missing some legs, because Sasuke stole its wings. Sasuke folds up the wings saving them later. For now Sasuke would battle the crippled Centipede skewering its eyes poking them out. Sasuke ended the fight quickly by taking off the centipede's head by decapitation. A Lion bodied human faced creature muttering incomplete nonsense,gibberish ate prisoner meters away from Sasuke.Sasuke maintains his cool and thinks of a way to take out the Manticore. "hmmph CHEW ON THIS!" *Sasuke kicks the large head of the centipede towards the Manticore to either have it smashed or flattened from the speed of the head flying at it.* Rumbling and hissing noises are heard underground as the floor beneath Sasuke collapses.
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PostSubject: Re: Detention Level 2 ~Fierce Monster Hell~   Tue Oct 06, 2009 5:58 am

The Basilisk throat, esophoguas awaited Sasuke as he fell down into an old waterway. The snake had swallowed Sasuke whole as Sasuke sought the way out of its belly before digestion. Sasuke stabbed all 6 ribs into its inner flesh angering the snake forcing it to spit Sasuke out. "Trifling nuisance" Sasuke used rocks close by to make the snake think its him throwing them at several pillars inside the area.The snake bumped its head into all of them causing the upper floor to come crashing down on it.It rested in front of Sasuke with its eyes set upon him. Sasuke dared not stare at it as he pulled its two front teeth out causing it pain. Sasuke took a full container made of the lizard's scaly coating and under belly carcass;to fill it with venom. The two fangs were thrown into each eye socket to finish it off. As Sasuke used its long body like a bridge to exit the arena. This lead onto the bosses domain, The Sphinx!
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PostSubject: Re: Detention Level 2 ~Fierce Monster Hell~   Tue Oct 06, 2009 6:30 am

"Finally the exit of this wretched place!" Sasuke thought as he saw a loong stone stairway. The minute he got near the stairs more rumbling was heard "MISOOO!!! BEEEF!!! PPOOOORRK !!!" as the Sphiyx landed in front of him taking guard. Sasuke thinks "This thing must be ingnorant if its gonna stand in my way." The exit behind Sasuke had become sealed off with fallen rocks. Something this stupid shouldn't scare me! "Stupid Vegetable Salmon Steak RAAMEN" -Sasuke grins facing the beast- "Hungry?" He takes out the giant wings he had earlier and holds out both his arms.Sasuke watches as a giant paw steps forward to make his move."Hope this works" *flaps both wings leaping backwards out of the way of being crushed like a fly taking flight* Sasuke goes under the Gigantic lion's stomach unarmed swooping around is extremely sharp claws. *Grabbing onto the tail while being flung around Sasuke pockets the wings* Sasuke climbs dangerously high up onto the lion's back after almost plummeting down a few times.
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PostSubject: Re: Detention Level 2 ~Fierce Monster Hell~   Tue Oct 06, 2009 6:50 am

Once onto the Sphinyx back, Sasuke speeds across its back rushing for its head removing the container of the Basilisk poison. Not wasting any time Sasuke goes for directly the lips. Sasuke yells out 'Naruto' as the Sphinyx opens wide saying Naruto while drinking the deadly fluids. Sasuke knew it had only called out random Ramen types ironically it would die doing so.Sasuke climbed to the top of its mane plucking a feather from its head.Minutes later from bad indegestion the beast started to lose its footing. After first having drastic changes in its temperature the beast became delirious falling over as Sasuke predicted.Sasuke used a gigantic feather in the air to ride on top like a magic carpet.Once he landed the body of the Sphinyx crashed to the floor dying.Sasuke went to remove a large amount of fur, and a single EXTRA large claw dragging it up towards the exit.
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PostSubject: Re: Detention Level 2 ~Fierce Monster Hell~   

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Detention Level 2 ~Fierce Monster Hell~
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