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 How to MASTER YOUR JUTSU with Training

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PostSubject: How to MASTER YOUR JUTSU with Training   Sun Oct 04, 2009 2:29 pm

Face It: Naruto couldn't master clones with ease and often made quarky or dorky mistakes. Sasuke failed at using his first Fireball jutsu and worked hard to make the second count. Sakura...failed until Shippuden, or if you want to take it back to the Forest of Death cutting the hair and taking a few kunai on her endurance, fine.

**For low ranks on up to Anbu
This is how you toughen up a finishing blow for your jutsu, finishers.
To make any finishing jutsu have any real impact on a victim, and not just be a dud.

(not in post but # of times used Rule)

You must first learn the jutsu you want be it A,S-rank Chidori, Rasengan etc...
then practice using it on others in spars with its limits. 0-30 uses of the jutsu results in it being
just about 'ineffective' usseless and a waste of chakra/stamina. 30-60 uses of the jutsu will result in it being a jutsu with some amount power to harm your target with a finisher. Not enough to just knock them out if they aren't tired or isn't a direct hit. 60-100 trained post on the jutsu is a critical hit, and the jutsu is mastered.
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PostSubject: Re: How to MASTER YOUR JUTSU with Training   Sun Oct 04, 2009 6:38 pm

lmao "sakura failed until shippuuden" XDDDDDDDDDDD
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How to MASTER YOUR JUTSU with Training
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