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 Detention Level 3 ~Starvation Hell~

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Junichiro Sōsuke

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PostSubject: Detention Level 3 ~Starvation Hell~   Mon Oct 05, 2009 2:53 am

The third level of the terrifying prison located in the Black Star Village, this detention place is the most fearsome of all and many people who thought of commiting crimes have been quickly brainwashed not to do so by their own mind because of the fear of the great Black Star Detention Unit.

Here prisoners are trapped unable to use chakra like the rest of the levels of the detention unit using black star metal chains enchanted with chakra-supressing seals and chakra-supressing mechanism brought from the Snow Village from the far North.

Starvation Hell (飢餓地獄, Kiga Jigoku?) is the third level of the Black Star Detention Unit in which prisoners are kept. On this level, prisoners feel the heat rising up from Level 4 and are given precious little food and water to keep them in a near death state. They are reduced to the point where merely looking at them cannot tell that they were anywhere near once frightening criminals. And while the temperature here is nothing compared to the following level below, it is intense enough to cause overwhelming dryness, resulting in Level 3's somewhat desert-like terrain.

In the middle of the level is a large hole going directly to Level 4 down below. This combined with a gigantic fan directly above the hole, serves as the main ventilation system to redirect the smoke produced from below. Level 4 can be reached through this hole, however, to travel down it holds a risk of death or scalding by the fire and heat of the floor below
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PostSubject: Re: Detention Level 3 ~Starvation Hell~   Tue Oct 06, 2009 7:42 am

Sasuke walks up and out with a large stone toenail feeling a sharp increase in temperatures. Sasuke ties and attaches the feather above toenail. This is so its used as shade to lessen the temperature and block out the sandy gust of wind. As the time goes on Sasuke becomes thirsty and hungry,famished from pulling the nail towards the hole. Sasuke begins to witness illusions around him, but being an experienced Uchiha nullified this effect. Sasuke climbed atop the toenail lying on his back to rest a bit. Sasuke is brought a small meal of half a piece of toast, a small shot glass of watered down orange juice (melted ice cubes). There you are sir *The servant heads towards the hole up ahead and goes in. Sasuke quickly scavenges the food for nutrients and replenishes himself pursuing the servant's path. "Son of a..." *make's his way to the center to ride the bottom of the cone shaped nail down with the feather uptop to controll its speed catching a breeze from the giant fan* "Damn I feel like a midgit here" Lv4...
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Detention Level 3 ~Starvation Hell~
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