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 Detention Level 4 ~Blazing Hell~

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Junichiro Sōsuke

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PostSubject: Detention Level 4 ~Blazing Hell~   Mon Oct 05, 2009 2:55 am

The fourth level of the terrifying prison located in the Black Star Village, this detention place is the most fearsome of all and many people who thought of commiting crimes have been quickly brainwashed not to do so by their own mind because of the fear of the great Black Star Detention Unit.

Here prisoners are trapped unable to use chakra like the rest of the levels of the detention unit using black star metal chains enchanted with chakra-supressing seals and chakra-supressing mechanism brought from the Snow Village from the far North.

Blazing Hell (焦熱地獄, Shōnetsu Jigoku?) is the fourth level of the Black Star Detention Unit in which prisoners are kept. At this level, a pool lies filled with boiling blood heated by a raging fire making it extremely hot. The heat caused by this is so intense that it also heats up the level directly above it. If one tries to jump down to this level from Level 3 using the large hole used for ventilation above but don't land on a safe place, then they're dead.

Prisoners from other levels are regularly tortured here. The most prevalent form of torture here however is being thrown into the gigantic pot of boiling blood in the middle of the level.
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PostSubject: Re: Detention Level 4 ~Blazing Hell~   Tue Oct 06, 2009 7:52 am

The gigantic toenail splashes into the lava and gets slowly eaten away by the lava as Sasuke lands safely riding a giant feather soaring his way left and right dodging the boiling hot blood bath eruptions onto a stable surface. he ties the feather to his back. Then he exits off into the next area sensing no other signs of danger here.
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Detention Level 4 ~Blazing Hell~
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