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 Hospital of Ame

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PostSubject: Hospital of Ame   Mon Oct 05, 2009 6:13 pm

~~The hospital of the village is where you go if your injured, poisoned or gravely wounded after a battle of some sort. This hospital has several floors and multiple rooms with a purpose for attending to more than one patient at a time. The hoispital's rooms and services include Emergency Care, kinda expensive, but you need this treatment to leave out alot faster than you normally would. Basic health care and pharmacy products. You need chakra pills, medicine this is the place to pick up those products. A lobby for registration and waiting to visit a victim is also provided.

~~The pharmacy is currently closed and under construction for the time being.

~~Blood Red For- Surgery

~~Red for 2nd deg+ Burns or Deep Cuts

~~Purple for- Poison

~~Blue for- Unconcious

~~Orange For- Crippled

~~Yellow for- Paralysis

~~Dark Violet- Close to Death

--The type of injury that need to be attended to cost and varies based on how serious it is and fast it needs to be attended to. A sample post of how some medical emergencies need to adhered to will be posted below.The Patient's Sheet-- Name ... Age... Village...(Extra cost and price must be payed if your not of the village and you need fast and quick treatment.)

Description of injury...patient had their arms broken during the battle, and was electrocuted badly burned from shocks of high wattages. Then injected with high lethal doses of poisonous toxins and was passed out by the time we've reached him.

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PostSubject: Re: Hospital of Ame   Mon Oct 05, 2009 6:14 pm

Observation of the patient...blood is leaking from cuts and they are unable to move...type of treatment is urgent.

-Patient waits the number of hours or post that has to be done before posting outside of the hospital again.

-Med-Ninja treats each wound and type accordingly...

-Patient pays the bill and leaves fully restored or partially until they pay for full treatment.You step into a small office and and note theirs a stack of assignments with no signs of payment involved written on them, yet the task seem pretty simple for you to perfrom.
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PostSubject: Re: Hospital of Ame   Tue Mar 16, 2010 12:05 pm

**1 Hospital each located only in the Island's of Rain, and Sora's strip. Sora's the easiest to reach, the island's are not and only close to the underground of Ame.
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PostSubject: Re: Hospital of Ame   

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Hospital of Ame
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