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 Rain's Artillary

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PostSubject: Rain's Artillary   Mon Oct 05, 2009 7:30 pm

This is the underground warehouse storage area where all of the main stock, and supply go into for Rain's useage. Inside are thousands of wooden crates, some are alluminum allloy for special reasons. They are placed on top of shelves full of the back up inventory of the village's shops. This area is guarded by the toughest security the Ame-Kage could hire. Generally this place is built of non-metallic minerals preferably alot of alluminum allloy. The lighting is flourescemt and bright enough. The floor is made of concrete and waxed regularly. The manager sits up front at his desk. Normally with a clipboard displaying the amount of stockage.
Chakra pressure sensor are set up throughout the warehouse, and inner village for that fact. Chakra pressure senor C.P.S. is a 16bit technical device that reads the amount of chakra released from 1 human. Too much chakra given off sets off an alarm.
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Rain's Artillary
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