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 Black Star Propaganda ~JOIN NOW!~

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Junichiro Sōsuke

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PostSubject: Black Star Propaganda ~JOIN NOW!~   Tue Oct 06, 2009 1:33 pm

Before we start...look at the pic below and it would be enough to urge you to join us! That's our Kage x3!!!!! and please look at the bottom of the page for consequences.

What does this generation ninja wants and what does Black Star offer ?!
1. Uniforms that make them look ho. Check
2. Weapons that are made of the strongest metal in the world. Check.
3. Thrill and Constant Action. Check.
4. Organization and Discipline. Double Check.
5. Best Training Methods in the World. Triple Check.
6. Smexy Kage. Infinity Check.
7. and last but not least a super cool symbol making you look hotter and fearsome than ever. Check

Do you want to become a strong ninja ? Yes you do, join Black Star today and becoming stronger than anyone else is guaranteed. I present you our super trainers:- Ravefire Senju and Dan Kurosaki. *jazz music for a few seconds and huge applauds*
Yes the strongest ninja on earth and the first student of the secret arts that are taught by Ravefire Senju. YES YOU MAY GET THOSE FEARSOME MOVES THAT SHE POSSES IF YOU JOIN! YES YOU!!

*coughs are heard from backstage* Oh I forgot that freak...iiiiiiiiing awesome guy, you know him from another show, you love him from another show, the infamous antagonist - The Guy With The Glasses.


And not much requirements are needed.
1. Loyal. [Blind Fanatism is also good *gets smacked by Rave for anti-propaganda]
2. Chuunin and up.
3. Don't do anything stupid.
4. Love our Kage [Don't suck up to her or try any sexual cause she and Sasuke would pwn you *gets killed after revealing too much of Rave's personal life*]

OUR MASCOT!!!!!!!!! ↓

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PostSubject: Re: Black Star Propaganda ~JOIN NOW!~   Thu Oct 22, 2009 3:32 pm

Hell of an advertisement
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Black Star Propaganda ~JOIN NOW!~
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