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 The Second Gate [ Complete ]

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PostSubject: The Second Gate [ Complete ]   Wed Oct 07, 2009 3:11 am

The second gate...The Cliffside: A rocky road high above the deadly forest. An area where its hard to breath air since its thin. The lower you go the easier. From this road there will be two roads you may take chosen by your team. Beware of Cobras, Scorpions, Vultures, Mountain Lions, Rams, Dust Devils,Cave Bears and high winds. It gets very dry here since there's little water. There are tunnels inside the mountains outlined with a trail of dry blood covered bones. Its very dark here, and it seems like a good place to rest if your opponent's are not terrified of a cave of vamperistic bats, spiders, and ravenous moles. Oh and there is just about a 5% chance of finding vegetation.

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The Second Gate [ Complete ]
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