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 The Fourth Gate [ Completed ]

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PostSubject: The Fourth Gate [ Completed ]   Wed Oct 07, 2009 10:57 am

The Lagoon: The Waters are clear bright and ble, practically see through. Multiple colored over-sized fish- Pirahanas swim back and forth freely able to survive here. There's green grass, abundant with insects. Some of the insects, and animals have found the key to ever-lasting life. This means they've lived so long they began to sprout and have an overgrowth of their original size. Gigantic bee-hornets hives, Butterfly eggs, catepillars, Spiders, Crustaceans, Mantis, and parasectic larva -Maggots Ticks, Fleas and Beetles are all roaming here turning this paradise into a nightmare.

A bridge above the Lagoon must be crossed after, making pass the jungle like area which is full of gigantic snakes with enough strength to bind and shatter a tree. A sunken ship from an old pirate attack, is half afloat above the waters while the other is beneath it. Plenty of palm tree's, tropical, citcrus fruits, and coconuts. Somewhere near the area is an old tree house made of banana leaves tightly conjoined with vines to to prevent it from falling apart. Its known to block out Rain and fit upto 3 people inside, with room to move somewhat still. The floor is covered in warm sand. It was made by a legendary rogue long ago...This is considered a hideout.
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The Fourth Gate [ Completed ]
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