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 Yamazaru Teishu

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PostSubject: Yamazaru Teishu   Thu Oct 08, 2009 3:07 pm

ame:Yamazaru Teishu


Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Body Type: Muscular | Rugged | Cute

b]General Appearance.[/b]The now seventeen year old Yamazaru Teishu has
matured greatly from the time of his genin years to his advancement to
the rank of Chuunin. He has lost his boyish figure of his young days:
his scrawny body, his mussed up hair, and his fair and unscathed face.
He is now slightly taller, teaching a height of six feet in the past
year. His lanky body is now replaced with an extremely muscular body,
granted to him through extended training in the field of Taijutsu and
just brute strength in general. Replacing the dirty white hair of his
younger years is now a neatly styled head of pure white hair. It hangs
loosely on the top of his head, falling off the front and sides of his
head. It is long enough to cover his ears and the nape of his neck, and
also long enough to completely cover his forehead and end just above
his eyes. Though his hair doesn't seem long in those regards, he has an
extremely long length of bound hair extending from this back of his
head down to his rear end; he has a sort of matching length of hear
handing behind his right ear, both lengths of hair are bound by a
golden cloth that extends for the entire length. His eyes are still
that beautiful shade of golden brown that is known to warm the soul and
anyone who looks into them. Also, like before, he still has those
defining black streaks that extend like daggers from the outer edges of
his eyes. He has often been compared in appearance to the great Toad
Sage of Konohagakure, Jiraiya, in terms of his pure white hair and eye
markings, but Teishu fails to see the resemblance.

As for
Teishu's wardrobe, it has gotten a complete makeover from his genin
years. His old red robe could only last through so much abuse, and
because of the incredible wear and tear it had gone through, Teishu
simply had to replace the ragged outfit for some more durable shinobi
garb. He now dons a rather interesting assortment of clothing, one that
makes his look quite handsome. First, for accessories, we know that
Teishu uses a length of golden cloth to tie off his hair. He also has
replaced his old cloth waistband with a thick sash bearing the yin-yang
symbol upon the front, looking almost like a buckle. Finally, as
opposed to his old, rather large scrolls, he has found an incredibly
easier way to carry around his summoning scrolls. With the held of his
good friend and mentor Otooji, they have devised a way to summon the
Saru Brothers, Haretsumai, the Kumogakure sect of monkey warriors, as
well as Otooji himself in an exceedingly easier fashion. They have cut
down the size of the scrolls incredibly, each scroll now holding a mere
length of six inches, each one hangind from the boy's sash. However
even though he does not carry the main summoning contract with him at
all times anymore, he keeps it stowed away in the kage's office for
safe keeping.

Moving on to the rest of the outfit, Teishu has
replaced his old worn out red robe with a magnificent white one. The
material is incredibly durable, not easily cut through by the average
kunai, but still light and comfortable like his old outfit. Upon the
sleeves, that end halfway down forearm, and torso lie a beautiful red
design, almost like fire that extends from the waist band and sleeves
up to just before the extended collar. On his left shoulder is an old
patch that was part of his old outfit that he just could not live
without. The symbol upon it is that of a single red leaf surrounded by
a black circle. It is a simple symbol, but it holds some great
sentimental value within the young shinobi even he can't realize what
it is. Underneath this shirt he wears a dark black fishnet shirt that
has a deep v-neck collar and extends out from the shirts sleeves down
to his wrists. The fishnet is immediately stopped by a pair of durable,
black cloth gloves that bear metal plates on the top side of the hand.
Upon his legs are a pair of black cloth slacks that extend out from the
sash and down to about halfway down his shins. Teishu wraps his shins
with black medical wrappings for added protection, and tucks his feet
into a pair of black, standard issue shinobi sandals. Teishu now looks
like a completely new man, and enjoys it.

Personality:A shinobi can only go so far with their talent
and raw skill. There is always that tiny driving force that seems to
keep them going even in the most dire situations. It is a force that
surpasses all amounts of training and all levels of shinobi prowess. It
is an age old power that surges through each and every living thing,
but many chose to keep it dormant, and do not reveal it. What then is
this powerful force that's power can break through seemingly
unbreakable defenses and unending onslaughts? Courage. This is a
character trait a great shinobi cannot be without. If one was without
courage, many a mission would go incomplete or, undoubtedly, fail. It
is lucky for the young Yamazaru Teishu that he utilizes this emotion to
its fullest extent. Teishu does not know the meaning of failure or
surrender. He pushes and pushes until the task is complete, and the
lengths he is willing to go to show his courageousness is simply
astounding. By any stretch, this is Teishu's most prominent character
trait, because even through his goofy and aloof nature, there is always
that small hint of courageousness that seems to break through all other

But yes, setting aside his valor and unyielding
courage, Teishu is for lack of a better word a goofball. He is
oblivious and aloof when it comes to his casual life. His mind seems to
wander effortlessly, and he will often find himself dozing off in the
middle of a mission briefing or staring at the beautiful butterfly that
seemed to dance across the transparent layer of glass that separated
the outside world from the air conditioned room. Though, unbelievably,
this goofy attitude only slightly revealed when on duty, his ridiculous
attitude towards life has gotten him in trouble many times. Teishu
couldn't count on all of his fingers and toes how many times he was
scolded for day dreaming and paying absolutely no attention to his
sensei's lessons, which would probably explain why he lacked a true
sensei for more than a short period of time. Even so, despite his
goofiness, one cannot stay mad at the young man for too long. He
becomes so goofy that one cannot repress their laughter any longer, and
Teishu goes along his merry way without so much as a light slap on the
wrist. His aloofness is as much a perk as it is a curse.

then against all odds, Teishu's true potential as a shinobi is revealed
on the battlefield. Through his casual, goofy personality shows a truly
versatile shinobi. No matter the circumstance, he always amazes his
officers and peers. From matters of full on offensive to highly covert
operations, Teishu always seems to fabricate brilliant means of
execution. He has displayed this many times through various missions
and battles. A depending on the situation, a completely different
Teishu takes over, one of superior cunning and intellectuality. He even
surprises himself sometimes.

And even through his physical and
mental strength as a shinobi, there is always one, small, nagging
thought that seems to nibble away at his conscious every day: the fact
that he is nothing without his monkey companions. Yes, it is a horrible
thing for one to think, but time and time again the boy has been
criticized for his reliance on the powerful primates. They argue that
the young boy can accomplish nothing on his own, and is in constant
need for the help of the warriors of the Monkey Kingdom. This has
caused a serious lapse in his self confidence, and every so often he
breaks out with pure anger because of the constant judgment. It is
imperative that in his newly acquired shinobi status he learns to
disregard the criticism and persevere as a shinobi.

Other: (Anything you feel you need to add.)






~Bio~ A Single Mother

About fourteen years ago,
there was a woman by the name of Hagasashi Kireena. She lived in the
village of Fire all her life, slaving away for her controlling parents
and grandparents, wishing everday she could a have a more fun, and
exciting life. One day in while at the market picking up food supplies,
Kireena met a young shinobi who was enlisted in the Fire military. He
was a rugged warrior with thousands of stories of the battle field,
Kireena instantly fell in love with him. Kireena knew her parents and
elders would not approve, so she made a plan to meet the man at the
market everyday at noon to talk and get to know each other. Before they
knew it, they were the cutest couple in town, and their love for each
other grew.

About a year later, Kireena was pregnant with her
first child. This was frowned upon by all of her family, because she
was not married, a young woman, and they had no idea who the father
was. Despite all of the negative comments, the secret love of the
couple lived on for a short while, but was quickly severed by the calls
of war. The young man had to leave to fight in the war against a rogue
army, but promised he would come back for her, and their unborn baby.

news of the shinobi's death hurt the hearts of many, but especially
that of Kireena. He died a month before their son was born. Kireena
gave him the family name of her lover, Yamazaru, and his own name,
Teishu. Quickly after his birth, she decided she needed to rid herself
of the child. It brought back too many memories of her lover, and plus
she couldn't support him, so she brought him to a monastery on the
outskirts of the city, hoping that he would lead a semi-normal life
without a mother, and continue on, being happy.

The Monkey Child

had been left in the hands of a group of well trained, Taijutsu using
monks. From the time they had taken Teishu in, they had brought him up
to honor Taijutsu, for it was the most taxing on the body. As soon as
Teishu was able to walk, his training started, starting with basic
punching and kicking, then excelling into more advanced Taijutsu
styles. Teishu was also introduced to a multitude of summoning scrolls,
each leading to a different Monkey based entity that the monks
worshiped. The monks worshiped the great monkey king, Enma, and all of
his followers in the Monkey Kingdom. Each of the head monks have
themselves traveled to the monkey kingdom, making pacts with the Monkey
King to let them use his loyal subjects in battle. Teishu was taught
how to bring out these beings by way of blood sacrifice, and he made a
pact with each of the monkey lords, promising to worship them, and in
turn, they would aid him in battle. From this monastery, Teishu has
grown a friendly bond with the Shindaime Hokage, Mea Zen. He had
visited the Monkey Kingdom in the past, and earned the right to use the
Monkey King's son, Kou, in battle. Teishu looks up to the kage for
this, hoping one day he can also go to the Monkey Kingdom and speak
with Enma himself.

Life at the Academy

Teishu joined the
ninja academy at the age of ten years old, coming in knowing many
Taijutsu based techniques, even mastering most of the summons he was
shown at the monastery. He is just about to graduate, be put into a
team, and enter the real world of a shinobi. The only think he wishes
for is to be accepted by his team mates, even that might not be too
hard because of his very friendly nature.

4 Years of Training: Teishu Meets the Monkey King!

many menial missions with team Gai, Teishu was restless. He felt he has
so much potential and his skills were being squandered. Not thinking
for the best for his team and just for himself, he took off from Swamp
to find his true strength. He spent months traveling the countryside,
visiting various towns and cities, searching for somewhere to increase
his skills. After the first year he had almost given up, until he sat
one day with his primate companions...

Saru Puchi and Saru Reke
were sitting by the edge of a brook while Teishu sat on a rock deep in
thought. They two monkey brothers were drinking fully from the river,
for they have been walking for sometime. Puchi was leaning a little too
far into the river. His eyes were closed and he was practically
inhaling the water in front of him. After a minute of this his eyes
shot open and he lost his footing. Puchi fell hard into the water and
splashed it up onto the hung over Saru Reke. Reke cursed and pulled his
little brother from the river. A large crunching sound came from behind
the group of three, but none bothered to look behind them. A large
gorilla swung out of the dense forest that surrounded the glade they
had camped out and slowly walked over. This large ape was none other
than Saru Tsuyoi, the third summon learned by Teishu. His wooden armor
hung lightly on his body and bumped gently on his tough chest and
stomach. He approached Teishu, looking towards the same direction as he
was. The ape sighed and looked at his young master.

"Teishu, i
can see that you've been deep in thought about your current state, and
i believe that my brothers and I can help you along with your path to
becoming a greater ninja"

Tsuyoi grunted and the two squabbling brothers looked up and nodded.

"I've been to the monkey kingdom while I was gone and talked with our uncle, the Monkey King, Enma"

perked up at the mention of the last name. He has studied all about the
great monkey king and his family. He knew that his summons were cousins
to the prince and nephews to the king, and he was now excited to hear
the news brought from his ape companion.

Tsuyoi sighed, looked
to then ground, then looked up and smiled, "Our uncle has agreed to let
you into the Monkey Kingdom for a one years time if you are able to
find it on your own. By finding the way on your own you have proved you
have the skill to train among the primate warriors. Do you accept the
challenge young Teishu?"

Teishu nodded and jumped up from his
seat, screaming a cry of joy. He looked at his monkey companions and
smiled a smile that stretched from ear to ear, "Thank you so much
Tsuyoi, I wont let you down!" Teishu grinned again and exploded in
another scream of joy. He couldnt believe he was going to train with
the great monkey warriors he read about...if he could find the kingdom.

team set out immediately. The three monkey companions were able to get
to the kingdom with no problem at all, but it was Teishu who had to
find it for himself. He spent a year gathering information, along with
training. He has grown a lot from his two year absence, and he was
still growing. Even with all of the information gathered in the last
year, he was still not able to acquire the last thing he needed to be
able to cross over into the Monkey Kingdom.

It seemed like the
only thing Teishu could do was study at the nearest monastery where the
monks worshiped the Monkey King. It must have been Teishu's luck,
because this is exactly what he needed. It turned out that this
monastery was the first erected, and the tomb of the first abbot of
this order was buried. Teishu thought it to be respectable to visit the
tomb, he didn't know what he was getting into.

The now fourteen
year old Teishu was paying his respects to the now, thought to be dead
first abbot of the monastery. In the middle of the ceremony, a
brilliant green light flashed from the eyes of the statue sitting on
top of the tomb. Moments later, swirling green chakra poured from these
eyes, combining to form what seemed to be the body of an elderly man. A
startled Teishu fell back, landing hard on his butt. He quickly
scrambled away, but the large stone doors behind him closed. He looked
back to green aura in terror, but the being finally spoke.

"I've been waiting for you young Yamazaru Teishu..."

looked around the room, looking very confused. He looked back to the
statue and raised an eyebrow, "Are you talking to me?"

"Is there
another Yamazaru Teishu in this room?" Teishu felt very stupid and
shook his head. The figure smiled and began to speak again, "Well now,
it has come to my attention that you wish to gain entry to the great
Monkey Kingdom, ruled by Enma, the monkey king." Teishu nodded
excitedly, waiting to hear more from the old man. "I have seen that you
are strong enough to gain the trust of the Saru Brothers, a very fine
task, but I still do not believe you have what it takes to train along
side the mighty warriors and the Monkey King himself." A shadow crept
over Teishu's face, and he hung his head in rejection. "However, with a
little training in physical, as well as mental strength, you will be
ready in about a years time." Teishu looked up again in excitement.
"You will train with the monks here for one year, and visit this
chamber on this very day, and I will grant you access to the Monkey
Kingdom. I wish you much luck young Teishu." The figure bowed, and then
evaporated into the air. A very happy Teishu walked back through the
stone doors he came through while they were opened by a mystical force.
He started his training right away, for fear of disappointing the abbot
in any way.

A year has passed since the last meeting with the
abbot. Teishu is now fifteen years of age, and is stronger than ever.
He still retains his childish attitude, but is now a lot more serious
when it comes to important business. He was actually physically
stronger as well, learning a powerful style of fighting that grants him
the strength of an ape and the swiftness of a spider monkey. He donned
his new robes and advanced into the tomb. The same green aura poured
from the eyes of the statue. Teishu now stood straight up, rigid, and
awaited the words of the abbot.

The figure smiled and sized up
Teishu, "You have grown considerably in size and knowledge young
Teishu, and I see that you are ready to cross over into the monkey
kingdom." Teishu nodded and smiled. He has been waiting for this moment
for a long time, and could not wait for it to actually come. The abbot
gestured his arm in front of him, "Please, summon your companions..."
Teishu nodded as he reached over his shoulder and threw the scrolls off
his back. They unrolled in the air, and Teishu bit his thumb. He swiped
all three as they came down to the ground. In a large puff of smoke,
the Saru brothers appeared in front of the abbot, already in a kneeling
position. The abbot bid them to rise, and they nodded and got up. "It
is time mighty warriors of the Monkey Kingdom." The three brothers held
hands and closed their eyes. A green circle formed in the middle of
them, and a seal appeared. From the seal opened a large green, glowing
gateway. The abbot gestured to the portal, smiling. Teishu nodded, and
approached the abbot, "Thank you for this chance, i dont know how I can
thank you." The abbot smiled and looked Teishu in the eyes, "You can
thank me by being prosperous in life, and show the Monkey King that any
human can be just as strong as his monkey army." Teishu nodded, and
looked to the portal. He took in a deep breath, and stepped inside.

found himself in a large field of tall grass. He looked around, the
field seemed to stretch on for miles. Teishu searched the area for
about an hour, nothing was in sight. Teishu sighed and sat in the shade
of a tree. Anger grew in his gut. All of the sudden he elbowed the
tree, hitting a knot. He shrieked in pain and in surprise as the ground
beneath him opened up. Teishu then found himself rolling down a long,
dirt tunnel. It went on forever. He must have been rolling for five
minutes before he saw light at the end of the tunnel. He burst out of
the tunnel at enormous speed. He hit a grassy patch on the ground about
twenty feet below the hole he fell out of. He slowly got up and looked
around. He gasped as a huge stone village lay in front of him. Hundreds
of primates walking the road in front of him, all speaking in different
tounges, hollering at each other and younger ones chasing each other
around. Teishu got to his feet and brushed himself off. He took a few
steps forward, but as soon as he advanced a few feet, he was met by to
outstretched spears. Two jet black howler monkeys wielding them, they
screamed their loud scream and Teishu froze. Teishu held up his hands,
"I'm here to see the Monkey King!" The whole village went silent, and
the two monkeys looked at each other. They lowered their spears and
nodded, beckoning for Teishu to follow. They jumped off quickly, and
Teishu followed quickly behind them.

In no time, they stood at
the steps of an enormous fortress. Two gigantic statues of the monkey
king stood, arms crossed at each side of the door, the guardians of the
entrance to the castle. Teishu gulped and the two monkeys pointed up
the stairs. Teishu thanked them and started to walk up the stairs. He
reached the top and advanced through the archway of the massive
entrance. He couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the Monkey King
himself, Enma, sitting on his throne. Teishu's monkey companions stood
in a line off to the side of the throne. Enma called out, "Welcome!
Yamazaru Teishu!" Teishu bowed nobly, then looked at the king once
more. He was a magnificent sight, Teishu never thought he would ever
see him in person. Enma stood from his throne and beckoned Teishu
closer. "It is my understanding you wish to train alongside my fellow
monkey warriors young one!" Teishu nodded, the monkey king continued.
"As promised, I will allow you to train alongside my monkey brethren
for one years time since you have found the way to our lands. I hope
you can keep up with them!" Enma burst out laughing and sat back on his
throne. "No go and rest, young Teishu, you will need it for your
training starts...tomorrow!" Teishu nodded excitedly and bowed again,
"I won't let you down oh great monkey king!" Enma smiled and nodded.
Teishu looked to his monkey companions and they all smiled. Teishu felt
a great sense of pride as he exited the hall. Tomorrow will be the
start of another great year.

The next year was grueling, but
very rewarding. The newly found strength and knowledge of monkey
tactics were amazing to Teishu. He will definitely return to Katongakure a
changed man. Teishu was glad that he had found the kingdom, trained
with some of the most powerful warriors, and was now returning to Katongakure. He would have to meet up with his old friend Mea Zen

A Story Revealed: Teishu's Potential Unlocked

day had come. This was it. The day of reckoning for the young man of
the fire country. Years of training had trained off, and the rather old
genin was ready to take some of his first steps into the real world of
a shinobi. His skills up until this point have sufficed, but now they
would all be put to the test. He would have to impress the lord kage,
as well as all other high ranking officials within the village. He
would prove to them that he is deserving of the title Chuunin. The sun
had just started to peek over the great kage Faces, and a beacon of
light seemed to shine on the Gates of Fire. A figure, silhouetted by
the morning sun stood in the space between the open gates to the city.
The man ruffled his hair with a gloved hand, as well as adjusted his
equipment that sat uncomfortably upon his back. The man then looked
back towards the gates, and sighed. He had spent so much time away from
his home, it would be a shame to see him leave it again. After a short
pause, the figure turned towards the forest before him. In one swift
motion, he then pulled on a strap that hung loosely past his right arm,
and tossed the cylindrical objects into the air. The figure then
appeared to bite his finger, and then swipe his bloodied appendage
across the unfurling scrolls. In a sudden burst of smoke, two smaller
figures, and one considerably large one now stood in front of the man.
After this signature entry, the figure could me no one else other

Yamazaru Teishu: Monkey Master of Fire!

And it
was from this point on that Teishu was to discover what secrets his
life truly held, and let to answer many a question that had rattled the
young boy's mind for years. It was through a really crazy, and
dangerous set of events that led the young man to the home of an old
monkey; one who's whereabouts up until this point were completely
unknown. He was a hermit of the forest of the Fire Country, a silent
guardian that protected the Land of Fire from those destructive forces
the world has ever known. It was he that rescued Teishu moments away
from death, and nursed him back to health. It was he that told Teishu
of the great warrior of the Monkey Kingdom, Sun Wukong, and his spirit
that Teishu bore within his very body. A reluctant Teishu quickly
dismissed these observations, but it was only until after his battle
between a new addition to the monkey squad, Haretsumai, that he truly
unlocked the power that since before lay dormant within his young body.
He has learned of a skill that was hailed as truly difficult throughout
the world: the manipulation of wind natured chakra. He also furthered
his skills in Taijutsu through the use of his newly equipped Jingu
Bang, the apparent staff of Sun Wukong. Incorporating this new style of
Bojutsu and wind manipulation in his fighting style, he has become a
formidable opponent on his own. It's truly amazing what the young man
had accomplished in such a short amount of time, and his skills can
only be furthered through more training...a certain training with one
of the most powerful shinobi of Swamp

Jutsu:next post








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Yamazaru Teishu
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