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 The 9th Gate [ Completed ]

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PostSubject: The 9th Gate [ Completed ]   Sat Oct 10, 2009 4:55 pm

Gate 9: Darkside Forest, Infinite Random Ambush!!! This Gate is a set-up for you to be randomly attacked for a full day. No where is safe, this team KNOWS YOU and YOUR EVERY MOVE. They are your shadow,reflection this part of the Forest Is Dark. Only small gleams of sunbeams actually get through.These aren't your average Genin, and they've have completely robbed you blind the instant you've arrived. They are charmers-whisperers of the fauna (animals) and flora (plants). They can keep you here and use the nature to find you in an instant! They will not let you rest, they may even be one of your own team. Question is, what is your team compared to theirs? How strong are you physically, mentally and spiritually together? They seem to be well in sync with each other. Somewhere along the lines they will take over your mind. These ninja will step out of tree trunks, rise out of water, and even the shadows. They haunt you in physical, invisible forms forcing you to battle them They want to Replace YOU...

Also the "Shadow Reflections" in this area are the complete opposite of one's personality? For example, one who is cute and cuddly, once stepping in here, would have such "Shadow" (An alter ego step out of their body) reflecting Them as an extremly beastly and viscious beast. Anyone beastly, gorey, and just pure evil will have a goody-two shoe alter ego to face.

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The 9th Gate [ Completed ]
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