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 The 11th Gate::[ Completed ]

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PostSubject: The 11th Gate::[ Completed ]   Sat Oct 10, 2009 4:58 pm

The 11th Gate: The Tall, Tall, WaterFall. Before your very eyes is a large waterfall, with frozen cliff-sides. Snowflakes drizzle past your eyes. There's nothing, but white strecthed out all across the terrain 'cept pure dazzling white. You should be wondering why is there snow here? Good question. A large wind brushes past some random shinobi out to attack you as he's frozen in his stance one second away from killing you and the team. The snow on the ground begins to move like an invisble wave of liquid.

Then crystallic wings start to merge as a Quezalcoat appears before your team. Its said to be a bird, god-goddess of wind. It takes flight towards a waterfall guiding you to it. Next you see columns before your team of all shapes and sizes. The water is completely frozen, and the ice has splits at its base, its like a hollow cavern.

The pillars seem slippery, but you seem to be able to climb them. They are aligned separately in diagonals patterns across from each other. meaning you'l have to go across and upwards to go higher. Midway to the top, frozen chunks of wood (logs) become useable as a temporary place to stand. Looking down becomes frightful, and the wind speeds up rapidly.

Another body is discovered, his hand is frozen on a cliff's ledge and arm torn from it. His hand appears to have frostbites. As his body seems to be missing. Maybe those shattered chunks of red ice was him/her far down below the falls or did the Quezalcoat eat him.

Your just about at the top as an icy vine seems to be the only way up. You''ll have to climb it quickly before it snaps causing one of you to fall back down and take a new path. The second path will become sharp ice crystals to your right and you have to grab onto them, climbing up a large icy wall.

Pulling yourself up onto a ledge. Then your against a wall putting your back to it shimming under a frozen see through waterfall. Once on the otherside, some icy staffs (branches) will seem to be stable enough to support your body allowing you to swing above the falls wildy in the air landing beside your team to meet the Quezalcoat.

The Quezalcoat element is wind, although it will use compound forms of all kinds against your team. Wind and Earth = Dust, Wind and Water = Ice
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The 11th Gate::[ Completed ]
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