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 The 12th Gate [ Complete ]

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PostSubject: The 12th Gate [ Complete ]   Sun Oct 11, 2009 9:57 am

The 12th Gate: The Sinking Holes, Linked to the Underground Network in the Forest are hidden by Jounin level Genjutsu. The first area will appear to have mud that constantly sinks the trunks of trees beneath it. The next will have tall rocky pillars sprouting all around shakily collapsing the ground beneath you, even if you are on a giant tree branch you'll wind up underground with the broken either broken or snapped off the trunk. The network will try and separate the team with dark tunnels that close off any visible paths of going back above ground. Its kind of damp in some areas and steamy in others. Congradulations you've found an underground hot springs. These Springs are connected with some Geysers not far from here. These waters are so irresistible, they even hold a secret, your wondering what is it? It could be a hidden exit of some kind. There are other sounds of rumbling else where ( Giant Boulders ) and a wall with a small crack of light. Each member is to investigate the 3 things discovered here.
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The 12th Gate [ Complete ]
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