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 The 10th Gate [Complete]

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PostSubject: The 10th Gate [Complete]   Sun Oct 11, 2009 10:12 am

The 10th Gate: Magma, Earthquake Ravine. A large ravine (A deep narrow valley or gorge in the earth's surface worn by running water) with shaking grounds lies before you and your team. Lava occasionally spews from the cracks of the ground, while soot rains down with toxins and embers. Some of this ground is weak and unstable as thin ice, but the opposite filled with boiling magma. Your team must cross a river of slowly flowing magma , that over times beins to re-heat to temperatures that are almost unbearble.

Charcoaled slabs of sunken boulders stay afloat; yet large long enough for you one person to stand on at a time. This means its impossible for the team to cross all at once. A large sea dragon of lava with ruby red eyes dives in and out of the molten pool of fire. It goes beneath, and through a dense pillar of where all of you stand and back out of the lava again, like a dolphin. This is its domain.

It notice your team trying to cross and refuses to allow this to happen. It rises above you all shooting out meteor sized fireballs down at your team directly from its mouth. This dragon bleeds lava, breaths and lava. That means it must be lava. It can go under lava and restore its health and come back out whole again if its somehow to have its weakness discovered. Once it resurfaces it will go into the sky twisting its body like a hellish tornado. This will force a large 360 degree wave of 3rd degree burning fire your way. 8 small rocks lie outside of a ninth humongous piece of igneous rock for you all to stand without fear.

Once this dragon has been eliminated it will dive down into the center (head first) of the ninth to cause a huge explosion. The excess liquid will splatter all around your entire team, can someone stop this from landing on the others? The dragon's body should now be of a bridge of hardend stone forming a bridge for you all to cross and exit this area. Its head will be the first thing to walk across its
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The 10th Gate [Complete]
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