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 The 13th Gate [Complete]

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PostSubject: The 13th Gate [Complete]   Sun Oct 11, 2009 2:09 pm

The 13th Gate: The Nocturn Valley,Tree House of Horror

When entering this gate the Sun will fade due to an everlasting eclipse jutsu. The air will be filled with fire-flies illuminating the dark shadows. The grass will sway under the moonlight unleshing a wave of cricket chirping sweet alluring melodies. Vamperistic bats echo out sonars and feast giant mosquitoes. Owls hoot at you with glowing eyes, swooping down to snatch mice. The tree's start to sway in the mysteriously in silent winds. In all its dead silence hear like an Acapella instrumental. This is just the outside view of the nearby forest.

The forest will block off paths you've entered and lock you inside a dome of nocturnal death. The tree's begin to all attack swinging branches and trying to bind you to the ground, some even start to try and to catch on fire randomly self combusting into a ring of flames. Enemies from gigantic Tree-Sloths with overwhelming claws to a swarm of mosquito's to drink your blood. You'll notice a small toxic smokescreen starting to develop to choke and suffocate you while your stuck inside. Moles will come from below to claw at your legs appearing all over randomly across the ground.

The dome will become ablaze as the fire travels overhead. Burning branches will fall upon your area turning into flaming wooden shuriken -That does not burn into ash it just remains on fire- Lastly large rock like twisting tree trunks will rise up from below to try twist anything inside this dome, until their oxygen level's are depleted. Afterwards if you all fail to make it through this you'll be transported either out of the Forest of Death or onto the preliminaries (in a crippled, almost life-less positon of course), if qualifed. (This gate is inspired in the memoir of Hayataro Senju and Sasuke Uchiha's fight)
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The 13th Gate [Complete]
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