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 The 8th Gate:[ Complete ]

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PostSubject: The 8th Gate:[ Complete ]   Sun Oct 11, 2009 2:20 pm

The 8th Gate: Tall Dry Grass, Meadow. The Meadow of the Phoenix is like a plain of grass with wandering streams of water. This water's surface is filled with lily pads in habited by toads and tadpoles, cranes. The grass has googly eyed treachourous bunnies, squirrels, pandas, koalas, porcupines and white tigers. The sky has doves, geese, and a phoenix. The phoenix is said to appear out of a setting sun flapping its wings. A flurry of embered feathers will touch the grass turning it into a miraculous wildfire. Its just a sight to see like a dancing Auroura wall of flames. This fire will burn in a flash forcing genin to run-away as a stampede of startled wilderbeast chases after them. The grass itself afterwards will turn into ash and cinders rearising into an innocent looking field of grass.
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The 8th Gate:[ Complete ]
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