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 The Forest of Death is now complete, Chunin Exams!!!

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PostSubject: The Forest of Death is now complete, Chunin Exams!!!   Wed Oct 14, 2009 1:12 am

The only thing that's left are the Genin teams particpating in the challenges.

You have to sign up now, join another village to complete another team. Some of the Gates will be kinda difficult, other's have clues within their description for your team to try and discover.

Our goal of the Forest of Death, is to see how well you are in certain scenarios. Also how do you rp your way out of them. This includes traveling, a helpful team-mate, strategist, stealth, a trap-setter, fighter. This would be useful later to see where do you fit in for teams when your assigned a special task.

Your Goal for Round one (The longest part of the Chunin Exams ) will be to fight nature at its finest for now, and defend your scroll from the enemy. Also while getting your own matching scroll. If you lose a scroll and have zero, have to track a matching pair back down before your left out. If a scroll is open or destroyed, this means you not only eliminate your own team, but you make another team useless, because they are now left with unmatching scrolls.

Once you've found the team, by running into them on your map. You must battle them in a combat area -make sure this area resembles the travel area. A map will be pm'd to each of your team members. It'll have a list of numbers in order that your team are to follow. Your team's goal will be to post, a certain amount of paragraphs, and post before moving on to each area.

If you can do this faster than most team's you should be allowed to get to preliminaries in no time flat. However, its all on what your team are capable of, so this means HELP 'EM OUT (Don't go oh that guy/girl's a noob) they are your team-mate so you must help them, so you can move on. (other feature's posted in Forest of Death topic)
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The Forest of Death is now complete, Chunin Exams!!!
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