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 Mikibaki Kamizuru

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Mishibaki Kaguya

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PostSubject: Mikibaki Kamizuru   Sat Oct 17, 2009 3:59 pm

Kamizuru Mikibaki

Name:Mikibaki Kamizuru



Sexuality:Hetero Sexual

Body Type:Slim

General Appearance. Avatar






Height:157.8 cm

Weight:54.9 kg

~Bio~A.T.B One hour
Souso Kamizuru was born on a windy and stormy night. Crying his father held him over a cliff seeing if he was worthy to live. If he was not he would simply be dropped and die where the rest lay dead. His father knew if he dropped his son he would have regrets for the rest of his life so he didn't. However he knew he was to hide him from the mother who wanted him vanished for not being a female.

His Father put him into a crate as he summoned a hawk as it flew away with the baby. He (the father.) knew that one day it would be discovered that the baby was still alive and he would be considered a traitor, however he hoped his son made up for that. The hawk flew away taking the baby up into the mountain knowing he and a few others would have to raise the baby.

A.T.B Four years

Mikibaki Kamizuru was now a fast and very mature. Souso also had more stamina then others due to him training in the moutains unlike others, not to mention he trained basically everyday ever since he knew how to walk. He was also addressed that he would be able to start the academy early, but he would have to go under the name TonTei Sayaki. Since he he wasn't even suppose to be alive. He accepted knowing he would now be able to learn about the ninja arts and such.

A.T.B Five Years

Mikibaki Kamizuru known as TonTei Sayaki was making great progress at his rate he would be able to graduate at six, when most children start the academy. He was beyond excited and knew it would pay for the things he learned. Like The Demon Wind Shuriken ability was his personal favorite jutsu to use because it gave a surprise.

Mikibaki knew that if he ever wanted to restore his father's name he would have to learn much more. However at the time he knew he could relax and beat the other Academy Students and embarrass them and such.

A.T.B Seven Years

A year had just passed and Mikibaki graduated the academy as planned. However he was being hunted for to die because he was suppose to die seven years ago. However he was not going down with a fight, he decided he would have to destroy the people after him, which was luckily all his level.

A.T.B Twelve Years

Four years had passed and Mikibaki had managed to become with great strength, however he needed more help and a teacher so he decided he would flee to Amegakure. Doing this he could easily hide from the people after him and such.


Honey Clone
Classification:Ninjutsu,Hiden, Supplementary

The user make a clone made of bee wax. When the clone is injured enough it dissolves back into bee wax.

Bee Bomb Technique

This jutsu summons bees with exploding tags attached to them. Once the bees come into contact with their target, the tags explode.

Rock Hive

The user creates a bee hive made of rock. This hive houses the larva of the bees which consumes chakra.

Thousand Bee Stings

The user creates a bee hive made of rock. This hive houses the larva of the bees which consumes chakra.

Bloodline: Using Insects

Clan: Kamizaru

Likes: Power

Dislikes: you ._.


Weaknesses: Katon

Strengths: Fuuton

Fears: (Three at the least.)

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PostSubject: Re: Mikibaki Kamizuru   Sun Oct 18, 2009 3:14 pm

Well just fill in the Weakness and Strengths, I'll give you Rain jutsu to start.

So go start rping, approved
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PostSubject: Re: Mikibaki Kamizuru   Sun Oct 18, 2009 3:17 pm

Artificial Rain Skill [Jinkouu no Jutsu] By focusing chakra on a source of water to evaporate it and raise it up in the air, the user may create a cloud far above the battlefield. Because heat is not used to accomplish this the cloud quickly recondenses and begins falling as rain. The area covered by the rain is the same (15 meters) but the time the rain lasts is dependent on how much chakra and water is used. Academy

- Reverse Rain [Sakasa Ame] This technique defines the users chakra control and for tactical measures for other techniques. The user creates the necessary handseals and every rain drop which falls on the ground starts to go up into the air instead, so the rain becomes backwards, when the rain becomes backwards it can make techniques such as the Rain Spear technique and others. Academy

- Rotating Rain [Riborubingu Ame] This technique defines the users chakra control and for tactical measures for other techniques. The user creates the necessary handseals and every raindrop starts to rotate in an orbit around a focus point, it can be anything. This works very well with the Stop Rain and the Reflection Rain Clone Academy

- Stop Rain [Shuushi Ame] This technique defines the users chakra control and for tactical measures for other techniques. The user creates the necessary handseals and every rain drop stops in mid air or wherever they are |Chakra - 10 |Academy |Lasts 3 posts |Must be raining

- Poison Contruction Knowledge [Doku Kasetsu Jinchi]
The basic knowledge on how to create different poisons, to be able to create poisons with ingredients from plants and such and also from molding chakra. This technique is needed to perform other poison rain techniques. |Academy |Passive

Genin Techniques:
- Big Rain Skill [Ooki Kouu no Jutsu] By sending subtle chakra waves into the clouds, the user is able to create unusually large nuclei for the water droplets to condense on. The end result is big raindrops that fall to the ground at a faster then normal rate. They aren't big or fast enough to cause any real damage, but they are quite distracting. Genin

- Heavy Rain Skill [Gouu no Jutsu] A jutsu that actually uses the victim's clothing as a medium to effect him or her. By filling the clothing with water-elemental chakra the user causes the clothing to fully retain all water it comes in contact with which will gradually cause the clothing to become heavier and heavier. Unfortunately, this jutsu that does not create water, so it is only useful in a rainy or otherwise wet environment. Genin

- Rain Bullet Technique [Ame Tama no Jutsu] By focusing chakra into the user's hand they are able to gather rain drops towards their palms, the rain is molded together by chakra and forged into a high pressured orb. Once done the orb will shoot away from the users hand and the user will be knocked back. If it hits the enemy the enemy will be sent away flying or unbalanced Genin

- Raining Clones [Ame Bunshin] A jutsu that creates false clones of the user around drops of rain. Every clone is totally harmless and is destroyed by one hit or if they collide with the ground or the enemy. This technique is used as more of a distraction than anything. Genin |

- Rain Capture Technique [Ame Nottori no Jutsu]
This technique causes a target of the user's choice to "attract" raindrops. The water in the rain drops will attach themselves over an opponent. Once enough water has gathered over an enemy it will also attach to the ground, holding the user's opponent to the ground.
Genin .
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PostSubject: Re: Mikibaki Kamizuru   

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Mikibaki Kamizuru
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