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 Sammon clan

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Keo Hyuuga

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PostSubject: Sammon clan   Mon Oct 19, 2009 5:41 pm

Name of Bloodline:Kajiaisuton- fire and ice release.

Name of Clan: Sammon

Name of members: Ken Sammon

Description: The Sammon clan were formed off of a group of Fire masters. They were called the Kaives. They were really powerful fire sers. They were said to be able to use fire style without hand signs if they had a fire source. They were great until they met a clan called the Aisuga. The Aisuga were some of the greatest Hyouton masters on equal skill with the Okakuji's skills. They had amny cnfict with the Kaives. But, a fire style and ice style move had no advantage or disadvantages against each other. This led to a long war.

Then the heirs to each clan had met on occasion. They were trying to solve political matters. This did not work too much. The elders did not like eachother first of all. And, the heirs were way too flirty. they were accused as being traitors to eachother before long. They were forced to flee soon. They went and taught eachother their methods and formed a new clan. The Sammon. they mainly used Fire and Ice style in combat. Their children seemed to have an ability to make a white flame. This flame could be changed in temperature depending on how the user wants it to feel. this ability was named the Kajiaisuton.

Clan Elemets: At birth Sammon clan members have two abilities. It varies at birth. They are able to to use either Katon manipulation or Hyouton. This skill steadily progresses as they get older. They are taught by their clan to Master that element before they even allowed to become a chunin. then at Chunin they are taught the other elment.

This is an ability that is taught to the Jonin of the clan. This is an ability that involves merging Katon and Hyouton releases. You release them at the same time to form a white flame. Unlike real fire the temerature does not change with color. It is a flame that starts out cold. It heats up depending on how much chakra the user puts into it. It is usually known tio freeze while it heats. Leaving hot ice on the foe.

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Kei Yuuwaku

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PostSubject: Re: Sammon clan   Fri Dec 25, 2009 12:24 am

No Dual Element Bloodlines, especially since you merged Haku's clan and the Element of the Uchiha.

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Sammon clan
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