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 Keo Hyuuga

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Keo Hyuuga

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PostSubject: Keo Hyuuga   Thu Oct 22, 2009 4:28 pm

Name: Keo Hyuuga


Gender: Male

Sexuality: Depends

Body Type: Slim.

General Appearence: He is three foot eight. He has piercing black hair. but he has a light blue streak down the middle. his hair is long. It does go down to pasted his Shoulders. It is in a sort of tie near the bootom. To prevent it from going all over the place. His eyes are white. This is due to his Byakugan he was born with.

He wears dark colored clothing. He wears black shorts. They are loose and easy to move around in. He has pockets on both of his quad area on his legs. they are used to hold ninja tools and weapons. He wears a dark blue t shirt. It is generally loose and easy to move around in. It has a light green piece of cloth that goes across his chest to hold a tanto on his back. He also has a Light Blue belt that holds two tantos on each side of his waist. The tantos on his waist have black sheathes. But the one on his back has a golden colored sheathe.


He tends to be sort of sadistic and cruel at times. He has had some hopless things happen to him. This has given him the notion to look down on challenges. In battle he tends to play head games with his foes. He preferrs to make them want to die. Then he would make them suffer until it no longer ammused him much longer.

He does however ahve a nice part to him. He actually tries to befriend th epeople he must call his village members and comrades. He is usually nice and treats them in a kind and sweet matter as long as they do not opose him. when somebody does opose him he goes into his little battle mode he referrs it to. It is jsut a shift in his personality. His cruel battle mode is only seen when he activates his byakugan.

He can be prideful . he has went his entire life wanting to learn kenjutsu. His goal in life is to become the greatest kenjutsu master in all of the world. He does take some pride in swords. He gets pretty mad if he sees someone disrespect a sword or let their blade get rusty. He absolutely refuses to lose to anyone else who uses a sword in battle. for this reason he doesn't fight a swordsman unless he has to or he knows he could win.

Element: Wind

Age: 8

Village: Otogakure

Rank: Academy Student

Height: 4'0

Weight: 96lbs.

Bio: Keo Hyuuga is the younger cousin of the ninja Waka Hyuuga. Their parents were pretty close until a giant monkey killed Keo's parents. Keo was about four when this happened. He then decided that he wanted to be a ninja. he had a few choices. Go to where his cousin was and train there in Taiyou. or he could go to the nearest village and be lazy. he was lazy and went to live in Otogakure.

While growing up he learned to be a cruel person. He often enjoyed critizing others and mocking them. When kids tried to make fun of him he wanted to make them feel worse. He wante dto make them feel as bad as possible. This helped Keo develope playing mind games on people. He often enjoyed torturing little children until they ran home crying. He liked to live life to get what he wanted from everyone.

This was until he became a ninja. He started learning the art of kenjutsu as well as chakra control and ninjutsu. He his class had a big presentation ont he worlds greatest swordsman. Keo knew that is what he wanted to be. he continued to train his skills at kenjutsu. He continued to train until he invented his own jutsu at it. He was also trained by some clans members who lived near him. they showed him how to use his byakugan. He has also been studying santaryu. ( three bladed style)

Desription: the user first makes a hand sign. Then they generate clone that look exactly like the user. This clone is just an illusion so if the foe touches it it will just disapear.It can be used to distract the foe.

Description: The user makes a hand sign. Then the user can rthen change their appearance. the longer the user can hold this skill depends on how talented they are with this skill.

Description: The user makes a hand sign. Then the user can replace them selves with a nearby object for a counter attack. This skill can be used to switch with and thing to logs to another ninja.

Body Flicker
Type: Supplementary
Description: The user focuses their chakra into their feet . Then they move at a high speed to another location. This jutsu is often performed with leave sor sand.

Tri blade Slash.
Type: Kenjutsu
Description: A fast slice with three slices to the chest that can would a weaker foe pretty badly.

Bloodline: Byakugan

Clan: Hyuuga

Likes: People that can see, People that can hear, and roosters.

Dislikes: Blind People, Deaf People,




Fears: Monkey's , Being bad at swords,

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Misuto Fuuma

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PostSubject: Re: Keo Hyuuga   Tue Oct 27, 2009 3:50 pm

this seems like Shikamaru by another name lol.

Approved anyway.

Bold=Misuto speaking.
Italics=Misuto thinking.
Violet=Haineko speaking.
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Keo Hyuuga
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