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 Meditation [Self Rp]

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Riku Uchiha

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PostSubject: Meditation [Self Rp]   Fri Oct 30, 2009 5:06 pm

Perfect Fire Storm

Riku sat on the cliff breathing in and out.Holding tobiume in his right hand.Trying to channel her energy.This process took concentration a lot of it.Riku had to be focused on one thing.That one thing was tobiume.He needed to sync with her,this was not going to be an easy task mind you.He would have to train himself to hear her voice.He concentrated his chakra into her.Trying to a response was not as easy as it sounded.This could take him some time.More time than he wanted to spend really.

Riku:"Gah this is gonna take forever"He said in anger

Riku still hasnt mastered two things the art of patience and that of hiding his chakra signature.Which tipped off a few bandits and rouge ninjas.Which could seriously screw him over if they found him.This actually did tip them off.In the distance there was a rundown village,whose slumlord was a sword collector.

Slumlord:"Boys i sense a strong chakra signature,bring him to me dead or alive it doesn't matter."

Grunts:"Understood my lord."

The grunts of the slumlord began to close in on riku.This was not going to go well if riku didn't realize he was being targeted.As they got closer riku sensed their presence.He popped an eye open.

Riku:"How may i help you"he asked them annoyed

The grunts didnt speak but only tried to strike at him.Riku grabbed tobiume and his kusanagi.He used the back of tobiume to dodge.The kusanagi's blade cracked the bandit's when riku put it up to counter.The third grunt tried to attack from above.At the sight of being attack from above riku grabbed his sheathe.Then tossing it up like a boomerang it hit his forehead.Then on the way back it slapped the bandit in the back of the head.After distancing himself from the bandits.Riku made his strategy.He then heard a faint voice come from Tobiume.

Tobiume:"Riku,my name is....Tobiume"

Riku heard this and sheathed her.He then dropped all his other weapons.Walking out to face them.He came face to face with a real fat ass.It was their slum lord.He carried a sword in the shape of a meat cleaver.It was ten times the size of tobiume.Riku gulped and walked out.The Slumlord took one look at his blade.

Slumlord:"thats a unique blade you have young man."

Riku:"Uh thanks"he said nervously

Slumlord:"i think i want it for myself."He said walking toward him.

Riku jumped a bit feeling the ground shake beneath him.This was very unsettling the slumlord could shake the foundation just by moving.His swordsmanship is probably incredible.Riku could be crushed with one blow.This was not a good situation at all.Riku now more nervous than ever shouted.

Riku:"SNAP TOBIUME"His sword then transformed,it took the shape of a double edged sword,with three prongs sticking out like a trident.

Slumlord:"Now i want it even more."he said in utter delight.

Tobiume began to let off heat waves,a red aura surrounding riku.His eyes now serious about killing the slum lord to protect tobiume.He felt a heat source on his back.He could feel it was tobiume's touch.Riku began to channel this new found energy source.A ring of fire began to spark around him.Riku gritted his teath.He then released the energy in one giant wave.

Riku:"Zanjutsu/Fire Style:Sonic Fire Storm Jutsu."

This sent a pillars of fire towards the Slumlord.He was not able to dodge.He just swung his sword like a fool.After a few swings it had completely melted.He then accepted his death along with his grunts.After that nothing was left but scorch marks on the ground.Riku then taking a sigh of relief sheathed tobiume and smiled.

Riku:"So that was the true power of my tobiume.Sonic fire storm jutsu."he said with a small smile before collapsing.
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Meditation [Self Rp]
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