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 Weapon Shop Demo

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PostSubject: Weapon Shop Demo   Sat Nov 07, 2009 9:47 am

Welcome to Konohagkure's extensive Ninja store where you can get your Ninja Tools and gear. These weapons are good to have if you ever run out of Chakra .

Ninja Sword (Ninja-to)
Ninja were known to carry smaller swords than their Samurai counter-parts. They didn't have to compensate for short comings in other areas.-Cost ryo

Ninja Cane (Shinobi-Zue)
A simple walking cane can hold all sorts of surprises:knives,swords,chains,pancake syrup, ect. It's an excellent choice for a ninja diquised as an old dude.-Cost ryo

Throwing Blade (Shuriken)
Shuriken are often described as "throwing stars," but the name refers to any small blade that can be thown at an enemy. Some of them are star-shaped, while others look like small knives or darts. The common shuriken used in "Naruto." look like double bladed knives.-cost 200 yen a dozen

Chain and Sickle (Kusari-Gama)
While it looks somewhat unruly, the Kusari-Gama was an effective weapon when facing a sword-wielding enemy. Originally a tool for farmers, the weapon was essentially a weighted chain attatched to a small sickle.-cost 300 yen

Weighted Chain (Kusari-Fundo)

The Kusarifundo had a thousand-and-one uses- From disarming opponents to crushing their windpipes. When a padlock is attached to it, the Kusarifuno can be used to protect against bike theft.-cost 100 yen

Caltrops (Tetsubishi)
If you are exposed and out-numbered, there is no shame in running away, there is no shame in throwing spikes on the ground to impale your pursuers.-cost 100 yen a dozen

Claws (Shuko)
Ninja sometimes wore special gloves fitted with a row of spikes on the palm. Shuko could be used to climb walls or slash an enemy's face. Ninja had to be careful not to high-five each other after a mission.-300 yen each

Blinding Powder (Metsubushi)
The can't hurt you if they can't see you-and they can't see you if you throw a mixture of sand, ash and ground pepper in their eyes. It's also a delicios condiment.-cost 400 yen a bag

Hitai-ate (Forehead band>
Can be worn either as a headband, or cover for the entire head.-only attained after gradutaing from academy.

Makimono Pounch (Scroll Puch)
The classic Konohagkure pouch, worn on both left and right side of the vest. Scrolls, medicine and ninja tools are extracted from the bottom of the pouches.-cost 50 yen each no extra cost to be attched to your vest

Shuriken Holster
Worn in a spot which allows the shuriken to be quicly drawn.-cost 100 yen each


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PostSubject: Re: Weapon Shop Demo   Sat Nov 07, 2009 7:18 pm

It's a good demonstration. But shouldn't the "blackmail" stuff be OUT of there?
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Weapon Shop Demo
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