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PostSubject: Kamijisou   Sat Feb 06, 2010 3:50 pm

Name Of Bloodline:
Kamijisou(God Children.)

Name of Clan:
Tenshi Clan.

Name Of Members:
Megumi Y. Tenshi.

The Great Angel clan, Being around the age of five hundred to eight hundred years of age. The age where they're main enemy was the juubi however. Being messengers from god, a higher power. They were born on the earth JUST to rid the world of it's sin and demons. Powerful demons such as the juubi. Their were many battles and bloodshed of the memebrs until one member however was named "Asarearu, the angel of death." Went agaisnt the angel clan. Belieiving that joining them and creating a higher source of power would be the best thing to do and the smartest thing. The clan turned on him belieiving that the power of god should be the only power. No sharing. The angels however fought and defeated Asarearu. He then swore revenge on the clan one day, "One day he will be reborn into a power clan member. A stronger, more talented angel and will decieve you all. Then you will all understand but it will be too late. You all will regret the deed you just committed." He said before he was brutally put to rest. These angels were strict in their belief with god. After the death of Asarearu, The new Angel of death will be reborn. The angels each has a title of what they specialize in the best or traits. The clan has been forever battling evil ever since their birth. Fighting and defeating demons and attemtping to kill the juubi. Once they defeated the Juubi but most of the clan members died in the battle.

The clan however now resides in a small village in the land of earth. They don't stay contained from others, former ninja train their young in the way of the ninja to keep the clan alive.


The ability to sign a contract with a Angelic 'pet', this pet will only follow an Angel of equal or similar power to them, making it impossible for Genin to obtain incredibly powerful ones. The Pets will establish a link with the Angel, growing in pwoer alongside them, also making it possible for them to draw chakra from the Angel or vice-versa. Devolpment of angelic wings which gives the weilder the ability of flight. However they can be cut, torn, ripped, frozen or burned off from unnatural reasons and conditions, They can grow back but it takes time. They can heal if damaged aswell but that also takes time. An Angel of this clan that devolps wings and are broken off are considered 'Fallen Angels.'. The Next Stage to this Tenshi clan is Muniplation of Light such as artificial light that they can use, Sunshine or anything that produces light. They can use it in jutsu such as Ken, Tai, Nin or even Fuinjutsu however Light Kinjutsu has never been experimented with. Armor and Weaponry are passed down for each clan member. These amazing weapons or light and tough strdy armor is enough to endure the most tragic of conditions. Other than that this clan is pretty simple for each clan ranking within the system it gives power boosts. However this is an angel clan. The clan can do stuff angels could actually do, they see and communicate with the afterlife, they lead them to the road to heaven or hell. Mostly this is the job of the Angel of Death but other angels can do it also but they cant lead them to their place of afterlife. They can place lost souls back to new bodies. The angels of this clan, Execute Judgment, fight for humanity and all god creates, deliver messeges from god or deities like instructions and commands, they guard and protect, they bring messeges of disaters, and serve.

Clan Rankings

Tenshi Clansmen who are angels in training. They are only skilled in the speed department however, they only gained their pet as a child. The pet has the same amount of abilities and equal power of the Apostle which can help in a very tight situation because they can draw chakra from one another. Apostle has a long and great history or amazing reflexes. Clan members start off with this rank.

Templars are skilled Tenshi clansmen who graduated the ranks of Apostles. They are people who are strict law with thier Deity and amazing fierce. They have no mercy for the sinners in this world. Templars gain endurance of amazing standards and their "pet." Gains stronger as they do aswell. Templars gain angelic wings and gains the ability to fly airborn. Clan members must train their Kekkei Genkai intensely to reach Templar rank which is about, rankings of high C and Low B.

Champions are Angels higher than Templars. They are more intouch with earth life sch as humans, plants and animals. They use their amazing strategic skills mostly. They gain Light muniplation. Clan members must train Kekkei Genkei to Anbu Level or A-Ranked. Clan members must also kill two sinners.

Paladins are the closet thing to fighting with the angelic chakra gods also known as Deities. To paladins, Deities are like the Clan's Kage and Paladins are bodyguards and "ANBU." to deities. However. Paladins amazing use of Light muniplation and creativity of heavenly weapons and armor are amazing. They however sometimes devolp Halos in different locations other than champions. Paladins are considered Human portals in which they are more intouch with the dead. They can see spirits, and auras of evil or good. They aid Deities in exterminating powerful demons like bijuu and such. Something evil and unnatural that causes corruption and chaos. Clan members train and kill sinners, training up to the skills of high A ranked or low S ranked.

Deities are angelic so called gods who are more intouch with god and all his creations including nature. Deities are sent by god to take care of super unnatural issues and conditions within the world. They are said to be the first group of people to stop the first attack of the Juubi. However, Deities can become evil aswell. Anyone can actually become evil however, Deities powers are the closest thing to good chakra monsters. Being almost compared to even Bijuu. They exterminate demons instead of sinning humans. Clan members of the paladin rank must exorcise demons instead of sinners.

-Fallen Angels:
Fallen angels are angels of any rank that commits many, many sinnister deeds and becomes a hybrid of sin and good. They have both abilities of demons and angels however Fallen angels can also be considered as angels that are good with wings broken, torn, cut, burned or any kind of harm done to the wings that they are gone from the angel. The wings cn grow back with time however sadly. They are considered Fallen Angels.

Deities of the Tenshi Clan's Armor and Weaponry looks much like-

Champions Armor and Weaponry looks much like-

Paladin's armor and weaponry looks much like-

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