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 Among the Trees and Darkened Skies [Kuro & Kihana; Invitation Only]

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Kuro Konpaku

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PostSubject: Among the Trees and Darkened Skies [Kuro & Kihana; Invitation Only]   Wed Mar 03, 2010 11:06 pm

A light wind howled softly as small brittle leaves scuttled across the hard packed ground. The air chilled, as small woodland animals and insects scuttled away to find shelter and heat. But those who couldn't find shelter could only hope that their bodily defenses would ward off the cold. The clouds turned a heavy dark gray to accompany the sobering desolate wind as fat drops of water rained down mixing with the dirt to form sticky, slippery mud. But almost as soon as the rains had come, they had vanished. And like the rains before it, left no sign that it was even there to begin with. Even though small puddles dotted the landscape here and there, you still could not tell that enough moisture fell upon this forest to nourish it. But it did. And thats what mattered to these tall lonely Oaks and Pines. For as long as they had enough moisture and nutrients to survive, they would continue to keep their leaf appendages, green, and their deadly traps, poisonous. And thus was the workings of the forest.

But to which does the working of the forest come from, but from the observation of man. For through his eyes, he sees all things as they seem to be to him, but then another man may come and watch the exact same scene play through, and see something different. But how does that work out? Shouldn't human beings all come to the same conclusions? Were they all not of the same subspecies, the same culture, the same race? Were they not humans at all? But if they were and came to different conclusions, was one thinking of something different and another of something similar? Was one thinking of Rosalia's and another of Fern's? Or were they thinking the same but only perceiving differently. Thus was the questions of the man.

And thus he sat, dazed and deranged, perched atop a massive oak like a giant black raven, ready to fall over and die. It was weird for him, to daydream and think at the same time, and almost not pay attention to his surroundings, but be as it may, he was still vaguely aware of what was going on around him, and it was quite, quite interesting to say the least. 'So much thinking...So much depression...I swear...', he thought gloomily as he dangled a long panted leg over the side of a branch. The muscles in his leg twitching every time he bounced it this way and that. He sighed softly as his scythe rested against the wood beside him, which contrary to popular belief, still astounded him. The branch itself was several feet across, probably several yards across, yet it fit him, and his scythe. It was absolutely mind blowing. But then again it never ceased to amaze him how much nature could change in mere seconds, seconds in which, if you react wrong too, would be seconds you wouldn't have a second chance to use.
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Among the Trees and Darkened Skies [Kuro & Kihana; Invitation Only]
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