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 New Sasuke, King of Vengance

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PostSubject: New Sasuke, King of Vengance   Tue Mar 16, 2010 2:06 am

Uchiha,Sasuke .

General Information
Name: Sasuke

Nickname: Sasu'

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Ravefire

Body Type: Slender,Athletic

General Appearance. The General Attire of Uchiha Sasuke could be various things. -This profile will just be the wardrobe of Uchiha, Sasuke.

Head: Occasionally nothing or just for a symbolic nature; a Leaf headband with an accidental line crossing it out.

On the Torso: (Fontal) A sleeve-less hoodie- (sometimes he has an all White-T underneath, most-times nothing) the outline and rim of the hoodie has a red texture. The overall color of the hoodie is black and occasionally features some small white fluffy traces; that form the clouds with a black center, etched onto it.

Arms: His left and right wrist can sometimes have some wrist guards of alluminum alloy metal; to guard them from basic kunai slash... Most of the time its just bare with nothing but raveled up white and bblack bandages. (These are involved in his 'blade weapon summoning' jutsu) -The bandages cover up the markings so either one or two things can occur. ONE: The bandages being taken off can reveal the Kanjion his wrist. Two: He can summon various weapons and blades of all sizes.

Bottoms: Comforting baggy (main color black -sub colors red and white) cargo pants with a red and white two-toned belt. 4 Cargo pockets for accessories (will be listed somewhere on profile)

Feet: Sasuke wears shoes revealing his toes, White with red bottom outlined 'Jonin Shoes' worn for light speed and little ground friction and resistance.

-Casual Look (Mostly All The Time When Out On The Village Streets)

Personality: Bad Side: Blunt, Saracastic, Cold, Arrogant...
Indifferent: Emotionless face and tone, Calm, Sinister eyes
Good Side: Generous, Hornorable, Some What Caring


Summoning: Snakes (Primary:Nagashi), Blade Creation, Birds, Canines...(Working on Rashoumon)

Jinchuriki Holder Gobi-5-Tailed White Wolf (God of Genjutsu)


Age: Birthday: July 23rd Year: Is unknown, Presently: Sixteen, 16 ... Leo

Height: 168 cm

Weight: 62.2kg

Likes: Nothing, Tomatos, Excercise, REVENGE, and Making my Dream a Reality

Dislikes: Anything unhealthy, idiots, stuck-ups, other arrogant people, useless team-mates, and sore-losers (GM'rs)


Ninja Information

Village: Orgin (Leaf) Presently: Ame

Rank: S Rank Rogue AmeKage (not apart of the Ninja World; lands include Fire, Water, Lightning, Earth,and Wind)

Elements: The 5 basic elements when all others are copied; Fire (clan affinity), Lightning for now(affinity)

Jutsu: -

Bloodline: Uchiha (Sharingan)

Clan: Uchiha

Personal Information
Habits: Training, Going for Walks, Fighting

Weaknesses: Being unable to see, Strong Stubborn Muscular Kages, Immediate Family, Trying to smile fully, and Embarrasment

Strengths: Clan's Coined Affinity: Fire Manipulation ,True Affinty: Lightning Manipulation , God-like Speed -Light Weight 0 Body-Fat, All Around Fighter
(Masters of All Three: Ninjutsu,Genjutsu,Taijutsu -Kenjutsu is technically sword based Taijutsu)

Fears: Seeing my clan die, being unable to fulfill my revenge,and going blind.

Role Play Sample:

Subject: Re: Epic Power House Brawl Fri Oct 23, 2009 10:20 pm


After Dan takes the blows given by Sasuke knowing this would pay off soon enough. As Sasuke spins in the air ready to K.O. Dan with his final kick...Dan takes this opening to suddenly grab and grip Sasuke's ankle just before he hits him. He then uses the kick momentum to flip Sasuke where he used to be, but as this happens Dan grabs onto his other ankle." Get ready for a ride Sasuke!!!!" Dan yells out to him.

Now that all the moves are made Dan reverses the momentum yet again in mid-air. Dan bends over forward moving his body in a circular motion. With this done he now uses his arm strength to sling Sasuke over his head and when that happens it creates a wheel-like momentum that goes faster and faster. To stay in the air Dan now uses his power of telekinesis to keep air-borne. He keeps the momentum going still getting faster as time passes.

After 30 seconds of pure spinning Dan decides to throw Sasuke toward the forest,at the left of the village, by letting him go in mid-spin. The strong G-forces from the throw keeps Sasuke from moving for a couple seconds as he is in the air flying face first toward a large tree. Dan then centers his chakra. " I'll let you see this...just once. Remember it U-chi-ha" he says as his eyes now glow again but this time an aura of Blue Fire surrounds his entire body. Dan disappears in a flash of blue light using Sonido,a forbidden Hoho Clan technique, he then reappears in front of Sasuke and heel kicks him in the chin higher in to the sky diagonally in the opposite direction as the throw(to the right back towards the village).

As Sasuke flies, Dan disappears again using the same technique as before. He reappears just before Sasuke's momentum runs out and falls. Dan gives Sasuke a powerful spinning elbow thrust to his back. Sending him in a straight line forward again( to the left again). After that Dan uses Sonido to disappear again. He reappears in front of Sasuke again with and open hand ready to give him a open palm thrust. As Sasuke gets near Dan, Dan thrust his palm forward hitting Sasuke in his upper abdomen. Sasuke now falls diagonally downward toward the court yard grounds (right).

Dan disappears and pursues Sasuke once again using Shunpo. Just before Sasuke falls to the ground Dan appears and grabs Sasuke. He then land on his feet but right as he does Dan makes a spinning turn and launches Sasuke in to air again. Sasake is now flying upward(to the right) with a slight diagonal direction. When he get high enough Dan appears one last time above Sasuke with use of Shunpo. " Time finish it!!!!" he yells to Sasuke as he comes down with a blue Vulcan Kick to Sasuke's chest shooting him to the ground. "Buru Suta no Keisei wo Kougeki(Blue Star attack formation)!!!!!"


Sasuke is caught by suprise with both legs being held. Sasuke is now being spun repetitivly, until he is unimaginably dizzy. After 30 seconds he is flung face first towards a large tree. The Sharingan is momentarily unstable as he see's double of everything, including the tree. Then Dan reappears to kick him in the chin, 3 legs rise up slowly, but swiftly. "Damnit which one?"Sasuke counters an imaginary leg, being hit by the real one. Gah *blood, spit is drawn from his lips, mouth* Sasuke flies high above the sky towards the stars.

He closes his eyes at this point focusing on activating Mangekyou, and noting Dan may be slightly still be dizzy himself from his loss of breath. As Sasuke goes to the peak of the blue star formation; Sasuke senses a high level of chakra, Dan's. Next is a sharp elbow pinning his his back. "The same movements as before?"
Sasuke keeps in mind Dan has used "Sonido" twice already. Dan reappears as expected,but with an open palm. Sasuke uses Mangekyou, to read Dan's actions.


Sasuke had used the elbow's force to speed up the last of his momentum. Sasuke shifts himself lower on his to literally start "baseball sliding" in the air. Sasuke had used Mangekyou to percept Dan's right palm ahead of time and now intercepted it. Sasuke slides in-between Dan's legs pulling the wrist along with him. Sasuke now holds Dan's wrist with his left hand, and its just above Dan's butt. Sasuke's momentum shift ends as he twist along with Dan's arm; standing behind his back. Sasuke now had already taken Dan's other arm by the wrist, leaving Dan in a very unconfortable position.

Sasuke finally takes his right foot, left knee and jams it into Dan's lower back while tugging Dan's arms back towards him. Dan should now be bending forward, set to nose dive straight downwards. Sasuke rides his body down into the tip of a tree trunk to make Dan's face strike every splinter and grain, until he goes through the stump and even the roots. "Don't Ever You Asswipe!" Sasuke punned...(He wasn't done with ride yet though) Epic PowerHouse Brawl Via. BlackStar
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Misuto Fuuma

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PostSubject: Re: New Sasuke, King of Vengance   Wed Mar 17, 2010 12:24 pm

I didn't know that Ravefire was a sexuality 0.o

Bold=Misuto speaking.
Italics=Misuto thinking.
Violet=Haineko speaking.
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Waka Hyuuga
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PostSubject: Re: New Sasuke, King of Vengance   Wed Mar 17, 2010 3:17 pm

you know now.

... it could also mean "Really hot, one of a kind female that I won't ever drop ever" or also known as "commited" if you think on it.
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PostSubject: Re: New Sasuke, King of Vengance   Sat Mar 20, 2010 10:24 pm

Acceptable; I have strange feelings against the
Sasuke Uchiha, King Of Vengance wrote:
Birthday: July 23rd Year: Is unknown, Presently: Sixteen, 16 ... Leo
Seems a little inaccurate, even in a Custom-Naruto RPG. xD Remember you have kids over that age. xD So you had children when in the womb, and somehow your undeveloped man-juices got into Lady Ravefire through some miracle.

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PostSubject: Re: New Sasuke, King of Vengance   

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New Sasuke, King of Vengance
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