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 Resort of Sora

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PostSubject: Resort of Sora   Tue Mar 16, 2010 11:48 am

On the main strip not too far about 900km ahead of the casino a large resort is said to be the centerfold of tourism. A soft asphalt trail decorated in tropical trees leads to it. The asphalt makes even a weary horse feel as if they galloped into heaven. The builing from the start alone is 50 stories tall. It has an underground casino, a hot tub, swimming pool, massage; aromatherapy. A 5 star chef that makes you meals at the given times. A Yatch outback for those who pay for the cruise package; you could even see the Kage's palace from course the boat takes. It ends its shift at 3am, and picks up again at 9am. The rooftop of the hotel is used as a sundeck; useful for tanning, bar-b-ques and swimming. The bedrooms are cheap, but expensive when it comes to luxury of the place. Water is free if you pay a tax of 15,000 Ryo. The premium ch's aren't easy to obtain either. Bathrooms a minimum of 2, 2 showers and a hot tub. The hot tubs here don't compare to the grand master Sauna. This is the best treat of all.
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PostSubject: Re: Resort of Sora   Tue Mar 16, 2010 12:01 pm

The Grand Master Sauna is a steaming waterfall filled with botanic oils falling into the basin which resembles 3 rain clouds. One for exclusive pleasure, another for children and adult entertainment - Giant slide into a pool of healing concoctions. The last is a whirlpool, hidden canal linked to the Kage mansion (palace). Used incase of emergencies by elite ninja. Begginer ninja will have to take the yatch, floatplane over to the palace. Once there they follow given instructions by their Supreme Kage. The floatplane could also attempt to carry someone to the hospital.
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Resort of Sora
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