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 Hanakochu Aburame (WIP)

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Hanakochu Aburame

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PostSubject: Hanakochu Aburame (WIP)   Fri Mar 19, 2010 6:04 pm


Aburame, Hanakochu

General Information
Name: Hanakochu Aburame


Gender: Female

Sexuality: straight

Body Type: ???

General Appearance: Avi

Personality: Usually calm and helpful. mostly shy due to being ignored all her life.

Other: has a pet spider that is always with her and is her best friend.

Age: 7

Height: 3'8"

Weight: 42 lbs

Likes: spiders, food, rocks, water, her room

Dislikes: Lizards, people, snakes, lightning, weapons

She was born and raised in Kirigakure feeling alone and unneeded. She was almost always in her room. She didn't care much for the world. She had a pet spider which eventually died. Before her spider died it would always crawl all over me. a few months after her spider died both of her parents were murdered by an unknown ninja when she was 4. She was left with no one to care for her so she lives alone in the same house where her parents were murdered.

Ninja Information

Village: Kirigakure

Rank: Academy Student

Elements: Water

Jutsu: none

Bloodline: unknown

Clan: Aburame

Personal Information

Habits: wandering, playing with her spider, is usually in a corner

Weaknesses: threatening her or her spider, shy, weapons, genjutsu, lightning jutsu

Strengths: water jutsu, agility, can communicate with spiders, ninjutsu, sight

Fears: People, reptiles, weapons

Role Play Sample:
[i]RP sample from other sites:[i] (optional)
[i]RP sample of this charector - Simply talking:[i]
[i]RP sample this charector- Fighting:
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Hanakochu Aburame (WIP)
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