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 Mystery Showdown! Sasuke Calls 2 to Battle!

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PostSubject: Mystery Showdown! Sasuke Calls 2 to Battle!   Mon Mar 22, 2010 8:31 pm

A heavy downpour begins to parade down a mountainous region of Rain's outskirts. Sasuke Uchiha brings two assassins to a shrine high above those mountains to go at it, until the "Last One Stands!'

Who are these mystery fighters *Drumrolls play as a curtain is drawn backwards* This match will prove dominance and superiority! Words before blows, bow anddd....Fight!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Mystery Showdown! Sasuke Calls 2 to Battle!   Wed Mar 24, 2010 8:42 am

As time moved on like the waters of the rivers flow silently, as the watchers are able to see, it seems as if two shinobi are called to face each other in combat. Due to the calling of Sasuke Uchiha everyone can tell right up front that the fight is going to be worth a watch. The shrine was nicely decorated all in and out of the area, there in the upper middle area stood a mysterious figure standing with white hair holding a large scythe by his side. He had the element Raiton all on him. You can look and tell, he was a Kouseitan'i and he was ready for battle.
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Mystery Showdown! Sasuke Calls 2 to Battle!
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