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 Dan Kurosaki the shingami of "ILL-sound"

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Dan Kurosaki

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PostSubject: Dan Kurosaki the shingami of "ILL-sound"   Fri Apr 02, 2010 11:23 pm

Name:Dan Kurosaki
Old Nicknames: Dan "Blue Flame Shinigami" Kurosaki and "Dark Fighter"
Gender: Male
Body Type:Slim but muscular
Height: 155.752 8 cm (5'11")
Weight: 80.740 kg (178 lbs.)
Hair: Orange
Eyes: Dark Brown.
Others: Dan Kurosaki is the lieutenant of the Leafs ANBU Black OPs, under Captain Kihana Fong. He is also the Corps Commander of the Patrol Corps in the ANBU.

General Appearance:He is a man who sometimes seems a bit cold but he cares for his friends. He is a bit above the average height but the attention he gets from the women all around is his uniquely orange hair. Despite all of this he is very smart and he is an inventor of various things(Ninja tools,Serums,Posions,Mechs, etc.)He wears a variety of clothing due to his inventions taking off.

Likes: Science,beautiful women,fighting,watching nature,training, inventing

Dislikes: Overly needy kids or people, hypocrites,ugly women, Bungalow Joe, people who think they are better than everyone else

Weaknesses: Pretty women, ramen or udon,evil urges,hot springs, laziness(on occasion), good music

Hitae-Ate: Shoulder.


Story as of late:

Dan has tired himself of the routine ways of training and has set off on a trip develop a new fighting-style and jutsu. He leaves his generals in command while he is on his journey. This journey takes him many places,many fights, and,of course, many women to meet. So now the question comes....what has he developed since the time he has been away. After putting together most of his knowledge in fighting and physics..he has developed a new fighting style that combines all he learn with a new twist. You see Dan has a new found passion for music....and from this passion he started to think...combine the water-like flow of his skills as a ninja with music. So meaning that now Dan play or use the sound of music to fight in anyway he pleases...this music, most of the time, comes from his armlet mp3 player stereo(along with other gadgets). He has created a name for himself in the underground for his shinigami-like killing in the heat of battle. He can also use the music for mind/body control, genjutsu,taijutsu, and of course his new "amped" jutsus. What are these jutsus? not much is known as of yet, but now with word of a new uprising upon Dan is left wondering "What will he do in the upcoming crisis?!"

Jutsu and abilities known so far:

Rp sample:

Hollow Dan

Vasto Lorde form

Me and Sasuke's Team Theme Song

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Dan Kurosaki the shingami of "ILL-sound"
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