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 Android Assault Saga Plotline [Official]

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Taimoshi Uchiha

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PostSubject: Android Assault Saga Plotline [Official]   Sun Apr 04, 2010 9:52 pm

Orochimaru tediously circled his table of experimentation, questioning his former experiments, and wondering what to do next. Decades ago, he did such experiments with curse seal branding, and body substitution to achieve immortality or ultimate power. However, he never grew satisfied with his lust for power, and soon abandoned such experiments. Not even DNA experimentation could sedate his lust, and he furiously strived on with new ideas. Although, he did find souls who could sedate his lust with a solution to what he wanted. “Orochimaru-san, the reason you cannot find absolute power is for the reason that it is not in humanity’s grasp… the power you seek lies in technology.” One of the fellow experimenters explained. Orochimaru was afoul with anger, enraged by the man’s words, and was seeking a straight answer. “Then, how exactly do achieve such power!? Tell me now, before I end your existence!” Orochimaru threatened, performing quick hand signs as snakes gushed out his sleeves, beginning to choke the scientist. The scientist smirked, not giving a further glance at the enraged Snake-Sage. “I… cann- cannot te- tell you… Oro- Orochimaru-san, le- let me sh- show you…”The same scientist uttered.

He pushed nano-bugs onto Orochimaru’s snakes, the nanos killing the snakes from the inside after entering their anatomic structure. “H- how…,” Orochimaru questioned. He never witnessed mechanical insects at work, this mastery being a new shinobi art to him. He was only familiar with that of the average Kikai. However, he didn’t feel threatened by this, only curious. “Orochimaru-san, this is only a demonstration of what mechanics can do…! With our united experimentation, we can do much more…” Another scientist explained. This statement intrigued Orochimaru, so the plead was thoroughly accepted; however, he planned to kill them after successfully acquiring this power. As such, a limited allegiance was set forth.

They spent many weeks creating shinobi, and kunoichi-shaped machines, things they called “Androids.” The
Androids had tremendous strength, strength they hoped would surpass that of the fifth Hokage, Tsunade. They could never be sure of that, as none of them feel like getting damage from her any time soon. However, the androids were extremely strong, and that pleased the snake-sage, Orochimaru, who planned on using their power soon. Sadly, the snake-sage was displeased, as an android, Dratsab, united the androids in a rebellion. They slaughtered the guards, and escaped overnight, leaving the dead guards, not to mention the blood scattering, as a message.

Once they escaped, the androids knew they were more stronger than any shinobi, and knew they could take the Earth as their mechanical domain. With that said, several androids formed an army to exterminate humanity so they could be the rulers of the Earth as the most fit to be ninjas. However, not all androids would join the army, and several were going to fight against their fellow android out of pure sympathy
for the human race. They believed that there could be peace, or even that the human race deserves a chance to live as ninja, which is why they chose against assisting the extermination.

This caused a struggle amongst the humans, and androids, as they can never know who to trust. The androids who actually want to help the humans could be killed by the humans out of doubt of their reasons. The same for an android trying to infiltrate the opposite side of the war. This massive struggle severs the bond between human, and android, as there is a lack of trust on the human side. So, the humans need to learn to trust, or fight the android army, whom grows stronger every day.

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Taimoshi Tsuna Uchiha..the Corrupted Soul.
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Android Assault Saga Plotline [Official]
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