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 Spirits in Darkness: A new era in time

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Ryuu Fuuma

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PostSubject: Spirits in Darkness: A new era in time   Thu Apr 08, 2010 11:10 am

Bleach; Spirits in Darkness: A new era in Time

Spirits in Darkness: A new era in Time is currently bassed in a custom arc right after the end of The Arrancar Saga. Many of The Espada and Arrancar have fallen, and only few of them are left alive. The shingami had a short time of rest before another strange group appeared, "the Shadows" not much is currently known about these creatures.

Many spots are still open, were tryign to keep this a custom site. We may at one point unlock some Cannon charectors, i hope you will atleast come check us out Smile

We also still need a few staff members.

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Spirits in Darkness: A new era in time
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