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 The first battle - Gaining of the animal path

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Ryuu Fuuma

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PostSubject: The first battle - Gaining of the animal path   Fri May 14, 2010 10:48 am

Ryuu had heared of a ninja from the leaf village that would be perfect for his first path. After hours of tavaling he sat on the outskirts of the leaf village, Relaxing under a tree. After a few short hours he stood up grabed Hyorinnaru from next to him and walked straight to the gates of the leaf village. "State your name and reason for being here." the gaurd. "My name is Fuuma, Ryuu; Chuunin of the Mist village. I've come do to a chalenge that was sent to me from a ninja of your village. His name was something along the lines of 'Maiki Shimasu.'" Ryuu stated.

"Oh yes...he is waiting for you in traing area 6 which is just to the north of the leaf village...meaning your going to have to go streight through the village and out the gate there." The guard said as he let Ryuu through ""perfect.." Ryuu thought to himself as he walked through the gate heading towards the north exit. As Ryuu walked though the village he passed many different ninja as well as civilions that gave him many different reactions, some where of fear, some of recognition.

Once he finally got to the north gate he nodded to the guards and walked over to 'training area 6'. "I see you've made it..." Maiki said. "Yes i have, are you ready?" Maiki's only responce was to nod and remove the cloak she was wearing revealing the basic leaf village training outfit with its only difference being long sleaves that come past both her hands and one other thing, she was a teenage girl, not a adult male like he predicted. "Holy shit.." Ryuu whispered to himself as Maiki began a set of hand seals.

"Hidden snake hands" Maiki growled as ten snakes shot out of the sleave on her left arm. Caught of guard Ryuu wasn't able to dodge them all and four of them where able to wrap themselves around his arms, two for each wrist. "Your much slower then i expected..." Maiki said as she took a few steps towards ryuu until she was face to face with him. Ryuu grinned, "eat this b*itch." He growled, as his hands began crackling with his white lightnign chakra which do to the snakes being wraped around his wrists, the current continued though the snakes and into Maiki's body from her hands.

"You ass!" Maiki screamed as the snakes fell to the ground burnt to a crisp, she jumped back a few times while doing handseals, [color=red]Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique!" She yelled as she shot a large amount of fire from her mouth at Ryuu. With a smirk Ryuu's eyes began to glow as the large ball of fire came flying at him. "Violent Water Wave" Ryuu growled as he was doing hand seals then brought his right hand up to his mouth and shot a large stream of water at the fireball. When the fire and water conected they canceled each other out filling the entire area with mist. "Perfect.." Ryuu said with a smile as his eyes once again took the form of the rinnengan.

Ryuu drew his sword Hyorinmaru as he quetly walked around in a circle behind Maiki "Sit upon the frozen heavens..Hyorinmaru!" he whispered as his blade began to glow extending slightly in length, and gaining a crescent-shaped blade attached to its hilt by a long metal chain. Ryuu smiled as he through the bladed chain at maiki, who caught of guard was hit in the left shoulder. "gahh!!" she screamed as ryuu pulled on the chain removing the blade from her shoulder. After a few seconds the cut in maiki's shoulder complelty froze.

As the mist slowly faded away Ryuu smiles as he begin spinning the chain attacked to hyorinmaru. Maiki is standing there holding her shoulder with her right hand, a small amount of blood driping down her arm. "Tenso Jurin!!! Ryuu growled as he raised the blade of Hyorinmaru. After a few moments the shy began to darken as huge black could covered the area it began to rain and strikes of lightning where to be seen even from the village.

"Its time you lost maiki....oh and just a note...i hope you enjoy being my path.." Ryuu said as he sheathed Hyorinmaru which returned to its sealed from. "No!!!!" Maiki screamed as Ryuu raised both his hands into the air "White lightning!" he growled as two bolts of lightning hit his arms and began mixing with his white lightning chakra. Ryuu then pointed his right hand at maiki's chest and released a concintrated blast of lightning at her. The lightning moved at speeds that Maiki couldn't dodge.

Blood driped from maiki's mouth as she fell to the ground. "Well thats a job done..." Ryuu stated as he walked over to maiki's body and picked her up and slung her over his shoulder. He then calmy walked to the west and headed back to the mist village.

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The first battle - Gaining of the animal path
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