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 Fuuma Types [Besides Rinnegan; Read if not possessing Rinnegan]

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PostSubject: Fuuma Types [Besides Rinnegan; Read if not possessing Rinnegan]   Fri Oct 15, 2010 6:27 pm

These classes are only for people whom don't have the Rin'negan doujutsu. They may only choose one of these, not having the full extent that a pure Rin'negan user would have. The options include the following:

Firebenders (Hidāsu): These Fuuma are Natural Fire Users. Able to even control fire once they master the element. Also able to create fire from air and chakra.

Windbreakers (Uindoburēkā): These Fuuma are why the Clan got their name Fuuma, Which means "Wind Demon". They are master of wind and is said to be able to counter fire even.

Lightning Stalkers (Kamitōkā): This part of the Fuuma are master of lightning. Even from young ages these ninja display lightning ability quickly and even create it from chakra. Masters of this part of the Clan are the creators of the "Bio-Electricity" style of lightning jutsu.

Water Walkers (Mizuōkāzu): These Fuuma are water masters and the elite are able to create water out of air itself but only at a jounin level. They also are able to cut earth with their water style.

Earth Lords (Chikyūrōzu): These ninja of the Fuuma are earth based jutsu users. once at a mastered level they can use Metal based jutsu cause of the mastery of the earth style but its a jounin level ability.
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Fuuma Types [Besides Rinnegan; Read if not possessing Rinnegan]
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